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Tuesday, July 8

Dress Orders Are Rolling In

To be honest, I wasn't sure about adding the dresses. Having never worn a dress (well, maybe I have a time or two, but I'm sure there was a good reason for my cross-dressing like some high school homecoming competition or to make myself feel pretty), anyway, I just wasn't sold that they would work with our designs.

Well, I was wrong. The more dresses I make the more I'm glad we added them to the offerings at Sandbox Threads.

We were also worried that "chubby" kids wouldn't be able to pull off the dress. Well, over the weekend, Ben's grandmother and aunt decided to test the dress on our chubby boy. While no pictures were taken of Ben in a Sandbox Threads dress, trust us, a chunky monkey can definitely pull off this look.


Rach said...

What? No future blackmail photos?? What were you thinking????

LOL! I wish I could have seen the chunky monkey in a dress! :o)

Auntie Joo said...

FUNNY POST. Eliz and I would've totally represented the chunkies and rocked those dresses as babes.