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Friday, November 30

Just In Time for the Holidays

Where's Santa? I'd imagine he's still getting ready for the big day, but you can purchase the above design at Sandbox Threads. We have a limited number of this design remaining, so get it while you can.

Monday, November 26

Cyber Monday--One Day Sale

(So, we need you to imagine exciting, pulsating music, and a big announcer it...good, here we go)

MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY...Monster Truck wait, lets start again...

MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY, Sandbox Threads is offering you 15% OFF your entire purchase. Don't wait. Get that little guy or gal a new shirt from Sandbox Threads. This offer is only valid until midnight Monday, November 26th! (end big announcer voice over).

Tuesday, November 20

Sandbox Threads in Pregnancy Magazine

I knew that Sandbox Threads was being featured in Pregnancy Magazine, but it did little to prepare me for actually seeing the page in the magazine. I was grocery shopping for Thanksgiving when I came upon the magazine section and realized that the new issue featuring Sandbox Threads might be out. It was, and I nearly peed my pants.

I thought about trying to play it cool, but no way, I showed the checkout lady, the bag boy, drove to my wife's office to show her, called and emailed just about everyone I know. Maybe the next feature I can play it cool, but right now, I need to go tell my neighbor and post lady.

PS--if you can't tell, the top and middle onesies on the far left are ours. The Pacifist and Republican Elephant.

Monday, November 19

Fall Fun & Modeling for Sandbox Threads

The Son of Sandbox Threads, Ben, often serves a dual role as the Sandbox Threads' model. Yesterday, we tried to get some new shots of Ben for the opening movie at Sandbox Threads.

The key word in the last sentence was "tried." Ben was way more interested in airplanes, watching leaves fall, and running around waving his arms likes he just doesn't care (that would make a good song lyric). He was sporting SBT's 100% Organic design.

I've always heard that models were hard to work with, but I never knew just how difficult they could be.

Friday, November 16

Busy Days at Sandbox Threads

Just a quick reminder that early bird shoppers can receive a 10% discount at Sandbox Threads until November 20th. Use code--earlybird--during checkout.

What are you waiting on? Go SHOPPING.

Tuesday, November 13

A Call for Toddler Truisms

At Sandbox Threads, we do our best to come up with unique designs for babies and kids. We feel we've done a pretty good job so far, and one of our most unique design sections is our Toddler Truisms section.

The problem is that we only have a handful of saying, and we need and WANT more. So, if you have a truism or funny saying that you think would look good on a Sandbox Threads shirt, please Contact Us.

Friday, November 9

Help Out a Friend to Sandbox Threads

This postings has absolutely nothing to do with Sandbox Threads, but it is so unique that I had to share. Plus these are all friends to the entire Sandbox Threads' family.

If you know anything about college football, you know that Tennessee Volunteer football fans are more fanatics than causal observers, and this video proves just that. Where else could you pimp a garbage truck into the world's most unique tailgate experience?

If you like it, please VOTE FOR WASTE CONNECTIONS!

Thursday, November 8

November Newsletter

The November Edition of the Sandbox Threads' Newsletter has arrived.

If you haven't yet signed to receive our monthly newsletter, you should. Visit just about any page at Sandbox Threads, enter your email address, and hit the submit button. Then each month, we will send you a copy of our newsletter featuring new Sandbox Threads designs, updates, coupons, and more.

Tuesday, November 6

All Sorts of Contests & Reviews

Ben and I went out of town this past weekend, and while we were gone all sorts of folks decided to host contests or do feature reviews on Sandbox Threads.

To see what others are saying about Sandbox Threads, and to catch a picture of both the Dad and Son of Sandbox Threads (one of us sporting a halloween costume)...just click on the links below.

Posh Mamas (via Posh Tidbits). You can join Posh Mamas to see other cool finds.

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