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Wednesday, September 26

Long time....

....but we're still here. The blessing of growing as a business has limited the time I have to make posting on The Thread. Sandbox Threads is doing well, and we have a few big things on the horizon that we will talk to you more about in the month to come.

The designs above (Sock Monkey, Stop Wars, and Chick Magnet) are a few of the quick selling designs that have keep us busy at Sandbox Threads.

Sunday, September 9

Race for the Cure

Often it takes bad news or sad news to give you that good swift kick in the behind to get involved. We at Sandbox Threads have since our inception discussed giving a portion of our sales to "a cause," but, until now, we have not made it a priority.

Unfortunately, the news that gave us the swift kick in the behind was that of a long-time friend's diagnosis of breast cancer. Shortly after processing this unexpected news, Elizabeth and I discussed making The Susan G. Komen for the Cure our "cause."

We don't want to oversell this, or make Sandbox Threads' support of "Team April" (our friend's Race for the Cure team) seem to be a marketing ploy. However, we do want you to know that 5% of all Sandbox Threads sales will be donated to The Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

To find out more about breast cancer, just click on any of the Susan G Komen links in this post. Or if you would like to donate to Team April, please follow this link to donate.

Thursday, September 6

Yesterday and then again today, at Babble featured two Sandbox Threads designs. This link today featuring Sandbox Threads' TV Stinks. And this link yesterday featuring President Poopoohead.

Now we are of the belief that any press is good press (especially press on a baby website), but the two posts left us scratching our head. While the sentiments on TV Stinks and on President Poopoohead are different, both designs are statement shirts, and more than likely statement shirts of the parent's beliefs more so than the baby (which we, for the most part, do not see as a problem). Really, what baby would ever choose the face of Bill Murray on their shirt? But we know quite a few parent who have.

Either way though, we want to thank for even raising the issue, and pointing their readers toward Sandbox Threads. We're quite certain we have a little something for every one.

Monday, September 3

White Ink....Yippie!!!!

It may not seem like a big deal, but to us at Sandbox Threads, we think it is. We are now able to offer white ink on several of our desings including Make Cookies Not War and AB/CD. We think this just adds to some already cool designs. We hope you agree.

I Pity the Fool...

Sandbox Threads has just re-introduced our new Mr. T design. We pity the fool who doesn't like this design.