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Wednesday, December 19

It's Not TOO Late... shopping is NOT over at Sandbox Threads. As late as Friday, you can order a shirt from Sandbox Threads, and we can get the shirt to you in time for Christmas--sure, you'll pay UPS an arm and part of your leg for us to get it there, but we can.

We'd suggest though going with a Sandbox Threads Gift Certificate. It's quick and easy, and can be done very LAST MINUTE. Plus, you save your arm and part of your leg

Friday, December 14

Stay Away Boys

Most parents don't want to admit it, but before we know it, our boys will be chasing girls, and the girls running from the boys. So, when Sandbox Threads found this design, we just had to offer it. We affectionately call it Stay Away Boys.

I'll do my best to keep my son from chasing the girls as long as I can, and you can be certain of one thing, he won't be wearing swimming trunks like the guys in this design.

Thursday, December 13

I STILL Pity the Fool...

...who doesn't like Sandbox Threads' Mr. T design.

Thursday, December 6

15% Off Today Only...then 10% Off Later

Last chance to save before the holidays.

Saturday, December 1

The New Look of Sandbox Threads

The changes over at Sandbox Threads are nothing major, but we have streamlined and attempt to carry a common look throughout each page. We hope you like, and if you find a link that doesn't work, or something you think is a mistake, please do let us know.

Friday, November 30

Just In Time for the Holidays

Where's Santa? I'd imagine he's still getting ready for the big day, but you can purchase the above design at Sandbox Threads. We have a limited number of this design remaining, so get it while you can.

Monday, November 26

Cyber Monday--One Day Sale

(So, we need you to imagine exciting, pulsating music, and a big announcer it...good, here we go)

MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY...Monster Truck wait, lets start again...

MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY, Sandbox Threads is offering you 15% OFF your entire purchase. Don't wait. Get that little guy or gal a new shirt from Sandbox Threads. This offer is only valid until midnight Monday, November 26th! (end big announcer voice over).

Tuesday, November 20

Sandbox Threads in Pregnancy Magazine

I knew that Sandbox Threads was being featured in Pregnancy Magazine, but it did little to prepare me for actually seeing the page in the magazine. I was grocery shopping for Thanksgiving when I came upon the magazine section and realized that the new issue featuring Sandbox Threads might be out. It was, and I nearly peed my pants.

I thought about trying to play it cool, but no way, I showed the checkout lady, the bag boy, drove to my wife's office to show her, called and emailed just about everyone I know. Maybe the next feature I can play it cool, but right now, I need to go tell my neighbor and post lady.

PS--if you can't tell, the top and middle onesies on the far left are ours. The Pacifist and Republican Elephant.

Monday, November 19

Fall Fun & Modeling for Sandbox Threads

The Son of Sandbox Threads, Ben, often serves a dual role as the Sandbox Threads' model. Yesterday, we tried to get some new shots of Ben for the opening movie at Sandbox Threads.

The key word in the last sentence was "tried." Ben was way more interested in airplanes, watching leaves fall, and running around waving his arms likes he just doesn't care (that would make a good song lyric). He was sporting SBT's 100% Organic design.

I've always heard that models were hard to work with, but I never knew just how difficult they could be.

Friday, November 16

Busy Days at Sandbox Threads

Just a quick reminder that early bird shoppers can receive a 10% discount at Sandbox Threads until November 20th. Use code--earlybird--during checkout.

What are you waiting on? Go SHOPPING.

Tuesday, November 13

A Call for Toddler Truisms

At Sandbox Threads, we do our best to come up with unique designs for babies and kids. We feel we've done a pretty good job so far, and one of our most unique design sections is our Toddler Truisms section.

The problem is that we only have a handful of saying, and we need and WANT more. So, if you have a truism or funny saying that you think would look good on a Sandbox Threads shirt, please Contact Us.

Friday, November 9

Help Out a Friend to Sandbox Threads

This postings has absolutely nothing to do with Sandbox Threads, but it is so unique that I had to share. Plus these are all friends to the entire Sandbox Threads' family.

If you know anything about college football, you know that Tennessee Volunteer football fans are more fanatics than causal observers, and this video proves just that. Where else could you pimp a garbage truck into the world's most unique tailgate experience?

If you like it, please VOTE FOR WASTE CONNECTIONS!

Thursday, November 8

November Newsletter

The November Edition of the Sandbox Threads' Newsletter has arrived.

If you haven't yet signed to receive our monthly newsletter, you should. Visit just about any page at Sandbox Threads, enter your email address, and hit the submit button. Then each month, we will send you a copy of our newsletter featuring new Sandbox Threads designs, updates, coupons, and more.

Tuesday, November 6

All Sorts of Contests & Reviews

Ben and I went out of town this past weekend, and while we were gone all sorts of folks decided to host contests or do feature reviews on Sandbox Threads.

To see what others are saying about Sandbox Threads, and to catch a picture of both the Dad and Son of Sandbox Threads (one of us sporting a halloween costume)...just click on the links below.

Posh Mamas (via Posh Tidbits). You can join Posh Mamas to see other cool finds.

Popular Baby Products

My Mom Shops

Wednesday, October 31

Bond, James Bond

Sandbox Threads has just introduced a new Famous Face--James Bond. This is where I would normally insert a bad Bond reference or catch phrase, but I think it's best I just move on and wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25

A Flickr Page Too!!

In case you want to really study one of the pictures from the Sandbox Threads slideshow, we have also added a Flickr page featuring high quality images of just a hand full of our design possibilities. I'm still working on the math to figure out how many design possibilities.

Sandbox Threads NEW Gallery Slideshow

Sandbox Threads has added a slideshow highlighting many of our designs.

As you probably know, when you buy a shirt from Sandbox Threads, we let you pick between a onesie and a t-shirt, short-sleeve or long-sleeve, in sizes from 3-6 months to 6T, in six different colors, and finally even the color of the design you choose for the shirt. Whew, thats a lot of choices. And if I were smarter and better at math, I'd figure out how many different options all those choices create.

While I work on that, enjoy the slideshow, and remember shopping at Sandbox Threads is FUN!

Thursday, October 18

But How Do You Steer It?

The Sandbox Threads' shirt shown above features a concept drawing from 1947 of a concept motorcycle.

While my parents were visiting last week, I fulfilled an order for what we call the 47 Bohn Motorcycle. My dad pointed out a design flaw--how exactly do you steer that thing? If you look closely, you really can't. None the less, we think the design looks great on a Sandbox Threads shirt.

Wednesday, October 17

A Perfect Shirt for Halloween

We are just a couple weeks shy of Halloween, and Sandbox Threads' Frankenstein onesie or shirt makes a perfect statement for this time of year (or anytime of year for that matter). Our son has many Sandbox Threads' cast-offs (my wife claims I "intentionally" mess up certain orders so Ben gets his very own SBT original. I take the 5th.), and his Frankenstein shirt gets more comments and compliments than all other shirts combined (well Charlie Chaplin is a close second).

Happy October, and come on over to Sandbox Threads to find the perfect shirt for your little one.

Thursday, October 11


Sandbox Threads is please to announce that we've lowered our prices. All shirts and onesies are now $17.

Thursday, October 4

HAPPY, HAPPY Sandbox Threader!

We have had many happy customers at Sandbox Threads, but we have to say this may be the happiest Sandbox Threads kid we've seen.

If you'd like to make your little one this happy, you can get the above pictured Jon Stewart onesie and many other hip designs at Sandbox Threads.

Wednesday, September 26

Long time....

....but we're still here. The blessing of growing as a business has limited the time I have to make posting on The Thread. Sandbox Threads is doing well, and we have a few big things on the horizon that we will talk to you more about in the month to come.

The designs above (Sock Monkey, Stop Wars, and Chick Magnet) are a few of the quick selling designs that have keep us busy at Sandbox Threads.

Sunday, September 9

Race for the Cure

Often it takes bad news or sad news to give you that good swift kick in the behind to get involved. We at Sandbox Threads have since our inception discussed giving a portion of our sales to "a cause," but, until now, we have not made it a priority.

Unfortunately, the news that gave us the swift kick in the behind was that of a long-time friend's diagnosis of breast cancer. Shortly after processing this unexpected news, Elizabeth and I discussed making The Susan G. Komen for the Cure our "cause."

We don't want to oversell this, or make Sandbox Threads' support of "Team April" (our friend's Race for the Cure team) seem to be a marketing ploy. However, we do want you to know that 5% of all Sandbox Threads sales will be donated to The Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

To find out more about breast cancer, just click on any of the Susan G Komen links in this post. Or if you would like to donate to Team April, please follow this link to donate.

Thursday, September 6

Yesterday and then again today, at Babble featured two Sandbox Threads designs. This link today featuring Sandbox Threads' TV Stinks. And this link yesterday featuring President Poopoohead.

Now we are of the belief that any press is good press (especially press on a baby website), but the two posts left us scratching our head. While the sentiments on TV Stinks and on President Poopoohead are different, both designs are statement shirts, and more than likely statement shirts of the parent's beliefs more so than the baby (which we, for the most part, do not see as a problem). Really, what baby would ever choose the face of Bill Murray on their shirt? But we know quite a few parent who have.

Either way though, we want to thank for even raising the issue, and pointing their readers toward Sandbox Threads. We're quite certain we have a little something for every one.

Monday, September 3

White Ink....Yippie!!!!

It may not seem like a big deal, but to us at Sandbox Threads, we think it is. We are now able to offer white ink on several of our desings including Make Cookies Not War and AB/CD. We think this just adds to some already cool designs. We hope you agree.

I Pity the Fool...

Sandbox Threads has just re-introduced our new Mr. T design. We pity the fool who doesn't like this design.

Monday, August 27

Goody Blog Winners

Congrats to the winners of the Sandbox Threads giveaway over at Goody Blog. Here's what the winner's had to say....

jill who said, "Very cool threads for babies!!"

Catherine who said, "Great boys would love them!"

shimmala who said, "Ah, my favorite has got to be "Look How Cute My Parents Used to Be." How sad & true."

Congrats to the winners.

Tuesday, August 21

Goody Blog Giveaway!!!

Another giveaway. This time over at GoodyBlog. As we've said before, Sandbox Threads love to give stuff away, but we also need to sell our shirts and onesies. We are a business afterall, and in order to keep giving stuff away, we need to sell at least a few shirts and onesies. With that being said, good luck to the future winners, and please do go shopping at Sandbox Threads in the meantime.

Monday, August 13

Frankenstein...well, sort of.

If you ask most anyone who/what is pictured on the above onesie, one would most likely answer Frankenstein. Actually though, Victor Frankenstein was the scientist who constructed the creature pictured above, and that Creature was never given a name (at least in Mary Shelley's version of Frankenstein).

At Sandbox Threads, though, we are going to stick with Frankenstein since explaining the entire story during the checkout process might be a little confusing.

We do have to admit that this design, whatever you want to call it, is our new favorite. Look for other classic creatures to make an appearance in the months ahead.

Saturday, August 11

Charlie Chaplin & Our Boy

One of Sandbox Threads newest designs is Charlie Chaplin on Roller Skates. As you can see, our son, Ben, really likes his new shirt. Speaking of that shirt, we have yet to roll out our new fall shirt styles, and we're already testing new shirts to add to our spring collection.

Do you like it? If so, please respond in the comments section with some feedback in order to help us decide.

Stevie Wonder...

is happy to be on a Sandbox Threads onesie. Wouldn't your little one be happy to sport Stevie on his/her onesie? We think so.

Check back next week. We have several new Famous Faces coming next week.

Tuesday, August 7

August Newsletter

Sandbox Threads released our August Newsletter yesterday. Did you receive your copy? If not, please sign-up below to receive your very own copy. In the meantime, you can visit THIS LINK to see what you missed.

Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter with product updates, special sales, and more.

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Super Cool Baby & Sandbox Threads

Super Cool Baby had some nice things to say Sandbox Threads. Thanks Super Cool Baby!

Tuesday, July 31

When Second Place is Good Enough

Charlie Chaplin on roller skates finished second when we asked for your help in picking our next Famous Faces design, but sometimes second is good enough. Sandbox Threads has just introduced Charlie in our New Designs section.

A new poll is coming soon, so be sure to check back.

Monday, July 30

Sandbox Threads at Squiddo

Like in my post yesterday, I mentioned that in order for Sandbox Threads to be "found" by the big search engines, we need to have a presence all over the web. Has anyone paid attention to just how BIG the web really is?

Anyway, today we have added a Sandbox Threads "lens" at Squiddo. I would love to tell you about all the great features that Squidoo offers, but I don't yet know them. I do know that everytime we post on The Thread, then our "lens" is updated with our new Thread post. Yippie.

More web additions in the days to come. And remember, shopping at Sandbox Threads really is fun for all.

Sunday, July 29

Now on Technorati

As many of you know, Sandbox Threads is new (as of this posting, four months and fourteen days since we went live). During that time, we've stayed busy learning the ropes of the online business world.

On of those "things we have to do" is work on SEO (search engine optimization) and link building. If we want to be ranked high in Google or Yahoo, it just doesn't happen, you have to work at it. Part of that process is joining groups like Technorati which we have. You can visit this link: Technorati Profile to Sandbox Threads profile. If you'd like to add us to your favorites, Add to Technorati Favorites

Next up: Squiddo

Thursday, July 26

Mom Finds Winner!!!

Congrats to Caryn of Sunland, CA. She is the winner of the two Sandbox Threads shirts given away at MomFinds. Caryn chose the "I'm Cute I Get It..." and "If you can read this..." designs. Congratulations again, and for all of you who didn't win, please don't forget about Sandbox Threads (we also sell shirts).

Monday, July 23

Viewmaster Design

Sandbox Threads has just introduced a new design, Viewmaster Reel. I need to do a little research to see if Viewmasters still exist. I remember my favorite Batman Viewmaster Reel. This was not some cartoon reel, but rather the 60s TV show, Adam West, Burgess Meridith, and Julie Newmar--Batman series. And the slides included the action scenes and punches with the oh so clever "action words" like "Bam" "Kapow" and my favorite...

Wait, I see a new design series on the horizon. Bam!

Friday, July 20

And the Winner is....

The Blues Bros! Elwood & Jake will soon be available at Sandbox Threads. And since we like Charlie on roller skates so well, he too will be available soon on Sandbox Threads.

Thursday, July 19

Toddler Truisms

Today, Sandbox Threads has a new name for a new section. Toddler Truisms debuts with seven funny, ironic, and deadpan toddler truths featured on letterpress style poster designs.

We are looking to add more of these sayings to future designs, so if have an idea for a design, please contact us with your funny saying.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, July 18

Win Two Sandbox Threads Onesies or Shirts!!

We are happy to give stuff away. Really, we are, and right now over at MomFinds you can enter to win two Sandbox Threads onesies or shirts.

There is a slight downside to these contests though. That downside is that no one orders shirts during the contest because those that enter want to wait and see if they win.

We at Sandbox Threads though have come up with a solution. Go ahead and enter to win the two shirts over at MomFinds , but then come back to Sandbox Threads and go shopping. If you win the MomFinds contest, and you have purchased shirts from Sandbox Threads between July 18-25, then we will refund your money (for two shirts, not your whole purchase, sorry, we're not that generous. Or if you only purchased one shirt, we'll refund that money and then send you another shirt for FREE!).

It's a win, win. At least we think so.

Monday, July 16

The Che Debate

Sandbox Threads until today offered what some other sites around the web offer, a Che Guevara onesie or t-shirt. And to be honest, my knowledge of Che did not extend far beyond the Che from "Motorcycle Diaries," and Che as fashion icon.

I did not have any personal feelings toward Che Guevara one way or the other; however, some of you do. Last week, I received an email that made me do a little exploration into Che, and has influenced our decision to no longer offer Che as a design at Sandbox Threads.

Here is a portion of the email that I received.

" the daughter of a Cuban political prisoner, it is hard for me to see images of Che Guevara as a fashion statement. To see someone wear (or sell) clothing with his image is, to me, to take that the person admires Che....It was his early policies that led to people like my dad being imprisoned at age 14 (for the first time) and my uncle spending 5 years in a labor camp....It's possible that you don't know this side of Che's life. And given what my family went through, it is my legacy to share. So I share, in the hopes that you would reconsider offering for sale the image of a man who was anything but a hero."

Some of you may have different views toward Che, and you may see him differently than in the email description above. We at Sandbox Threads, however, do not want to be a part of that debate, and thus we have decided to no longer offer Che as one of our designs.

We have though replaced Che with another icon of the era, Janis Joplin. Different, yes, but far less controversial (at least we think so).

Sunday, July 15

New Poster Series Needs a Name and some Words of Wisdom

Sandbox Threads is rolling out a new series. The series features words of wisdom in a classic letterpress style poster (imagine concert posters from years gone by..or better yet, look at a few of the actual posters below). And no, these are not wall hangings, but rather designs for onesies and shirts over at Sandbox Threads.

If you have a name for this series (maybe, "barn door musings," or "car seat wisdom"), please let us know. Also, if you have a funny and/or ironical saying, please let us now that as well. Leave a comment below or visit the Contact Us page at Sandbox Threads and send us an email.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.