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Tuesday, July 29

Twin Shirt Powers Activate

If you've taken any time at all to look around Sandbox Threads, then you know that we're not your typical baby clothes store. Our cool baby clothes offer a different take on dressing your little one. We enjoy taking ideas and making them into designs you would not typically see on baby apparel.

Our latest take is on the twins gift set. I started thinking about Sandbox Threads' brand, spanking new Frick and Frack twin set last night, and realized that the set could just as easily be a sibling gift set. I can just see big brother being Frick and little sister being Frack. And the good news, the Frick and Frack gift set is available in each and every size, color and style. You can customize this set to fit your needs. We hope you enjoy putting together the perfect gift set for yourself.

And don't forget that our monthly newsletter offering coupons and updates will be going out later this week, so be sure to sign-up now to receive your copy. Until then, ciao!


Auntie Joo said...

LOVE these. I would order them for regular non-twin siblings too. In fact, I think Eliz and I should sport them next time we go out together...

Rach said...

Hee hee! :o)

Anonymous said...

LOL this brought back memories for me. My grandma used to call me and my sister that when we were young.

Anonymous said...

A Ha! Sweet baby shirts for twin. Unfortunately my cousin’s twin are kid of ages around 6 to 7, otherwise I definitely would have been more curious to buy this Frick And Frack Twin Shirt for them. Nice idea to have such a kind of nameplate shirts for twin. I like it!

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