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Monday, August 27

Goody Blog Winners

Congrats to the winners of the Sandbox Threads giveaway over at Goody Blog. Here's what the winner's had to say....

jill who said, "Very cool threads for babies!!"

Catherine who said, "Great boys would love them!"

shimmala who said, "Ah, my favorite has got to be "Look How Cute My Parents Used to Be." How sad & true."

Congrats to the winners.

Tuesday, August 21

Goody Blog Giveaway!!!

Another giveaway. This time over at GoodyBlog. As we've said before, Sandbox Threads love to give stuff away, but we also need to sell our shirts and onesies. We are a business afterall, and in order to keep giving stuff away, we need to sell at least a few shirts and onesies. With that being said, good luck to the future winners, and please do go shopping at Sandbox Threads in the meantime.

Monday, August 13

Frankenstein...well, sort of.

If you ask most anyone who/what is pictured on the above onesie, one would most likely answer Frankenstein. Actually though, Victor Frankenstein was the scientist who constructed the creature pictured above, and that Creature was never given a name (at least in Mary Shelley's version of Frankenstein).

At Sandbox Threads, though, we are going to stick with Frankenstein since explaining the entire story during the checkout process might be a little confusing.

We do have to admit that this design, whatever you want to call it, is our new favorite. Look for other classic creatures to make an appearance in the months ahead.

Saturday, August 11

Charlie Chaplin & Our Boy

One of Sandbox Threads newest designs is Charlie Chaplin on Roller Skates. As you can see, our son, Ben, really likes his new shirt. Speaking of that shirt, we have yet to roll out our new fall shirt styles, and we're already testing new shirts to add to our spring collection.

Do you like it? If so, please respond in the comments section with some feedback in order to help us decide.

Stevie Wonder...

is happy to be on a Sandbox Threads onesie. Wouldn't your little one be happy to sport Stevie on his/her onesie? We think so.

Check back next week. We have several new Famous Faces coming next week.

Tuesday, August 7

August Newsletter

Sandbox Threads released our August Newsletter yesterday. Did you receive your copy? If not, please sign-up below to receive your very own copy. In the meantime, you can visit THIS LINK to see what you missed.

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Super Cool Baby & Sandbox Threads

Super Cool Baby had some nice things to say Sandbox Threads. Thanks Super Cool Baby!