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Monday, April 30

Another Great Review...

...and an interesting observation. Sandbox Threads has had several great reviews over the past couple of weeks, and we are intrigued how each reviewer like something different on Sandbox Threads. Some folks really like our Little Groupie Section, and some reviewers like the Travel Places Section. While others like the Vintage Ads & Toys, and others like our Cheeky Monkey stuff.

I guess we're just happy that we have designs that people like, and we hope we have something for everyone.

Thanks Mommies with Style for your review of Sandbox Threads

Just Add Surfboards

The only thing this Sandbox Threads design is missing is a surfboard attached to the top. This 55 Chevy Wagon can be found in the Gearhead section of Sandbox Threads. Once you get the shirts, you can then work on the surfboard.

Friday, April 27

One Chic Mama gives One Cool Review

As a kid, I was never ever the coolest kid at anything. My wife wasn't either, and I doubt our son will break that trend. He will, however, have the coolest shirt in the sandbox according to One Chic Mama. We tend to agree.

Thursday, April 26

New Cadillac Shirt....

...and one heck of a good looking kid.

You can find this '59 Caddy Convertible in the Gearhead Section at Sandbox Threads. We just unveiled it today, and our model says in not so many words that it is his new favorite shirt.

Wednesday, April 25

Clever Parents Boutique of the Week--Sandbox Threads

I am obviously proud of Sandbox Threads, but I continue to be amazed by others who think what we're doing is pretty darn cool. This week, you can see Sandbox Threads featured as the online boutique of the week on Clever Parents.

I think this is a good time to mention my difficulty with the word boutique. Sandbox Threads definitely offers the one of a kind, special items that you might find in a "boutique," but I'm still a sports loving, testosterone filled male, and having my business being referred to as a "boutique" is tough. Can't we just go with store or shop?

Regardless, thanks to Clever Parents for featuring Sandbox Threads.

Tuesday, April 24

Tissue Paper Issues

Each Sandbox Threads shirt is individually packaged as shown in the picture above. Within the package, the shirt is carefully wrapped in tissue paper. We think it's a nice touch, but therein lies the problem. I cannot properly cut the tissue paper, and if you have purchased a shirt from Sandbox Threads, you may have noticed the jagged tissue paper.

First, I need to explain that I'm left-handed and I never really learned how to use scissors very well (I blame it on my teachers, but that's a story for a different time). This lefty with right-handed scissors is a disaster. Each time I go to cut the tissue paper, I mangle it. Regardless of how hard I try to be careful, I tear, rip, and cut as crooked is as crooked does. It is just not possible for me the cut a straight line.

I can start a business from scratch, but I cannot cut tissue paper. Go figure.

Saturday, April 21

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles...

...and in this case, Desert Train offered in the Gearhead Section of Sandbox Threads.

We've had a great week at Sandbox Threads with another great review on Boston Mamas, sales growing daily, and to my great relief, Sandbox Threads is finally showing up in a couple of Google searches. Next week look for Sandbox Threads to be the featured "boutique" (I'll post later about the word "boutique") on Clever Parents.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, April 20

BFF--Milk & Cookie Customer Recommendation

When I redesigned the website, I made each design a rollover image. Where we have pictures of the shirts available, the shirt will appear on the rollover. Where we do not have a picture, I place text to identify the image.

Sandbox Threads received an order this week for our "Milk & Cookie" design, and the customer wanted to BFF (the text I added to the rollover) included on the shirt. I thought it was a wonderful idea, and I have since added it permanently. Thanks Holly!!!

Thursday, April 19

Yet Another Happy Sandbox Kid

Who wouldn't be happy with a Spaghetti Cowboy shirt? Get your little cowboy one at Sandbox Threads (

Tuesday, April 17

Boston Mamas' review of Sandbox Threads is now up. Take a look. This review makes the headache of the past couple of days go away.

Monday, April 16

Spaghetti Cowboy & Website Nightmare!!!

First, this may be one of my favorite shirts, Spaghetti Cowboy. I just love it.

Secondly, as I have stated before, I am the dad, the designer, the heat press operator, the packaging department, the mail clerk, and this past weekend webmaster. Sandbox Threads is my baby (not actually baby, that's Ben whom his mother took care of all weekend during my bout with web updating).

I am not a webmaster, but I have a book, and through trial and many, many errors, I designed Sandbox Threads. This past weekend, I decided I wanted to do a "quick" update to improve the look of the site by adding rollover images of our shirts. Great idea there dad!!!

Well the update was not all that difficult, but extremely time consuming. Sunday was nearly 18 hours of the same steps over and over again, but I was done last night and went to bed happy.

This morning, however, I discovered that while Sandbox Threads worked perfectly in Firefox (which if you don't use Firefox, go get it--really. Mozilla Firefox makes Microsoft Internet Explorer look like a 56K modem compared to a T1 LAN Line), nothing worked on Internet Explorer--no links, rollovers, nothing. So, a day that was suppose to be spent marketing and more importantly playing with my son was spent--fixing problems that ONLY relate to Internet Explorer.

Don't want to change to Firefox? Well then, please update to the lastest version of Explorer. Sandbox Threads works perfectly in it also. Or best of all, get a Mac.

Friday, April 13


Need I say more? Visit Sandbox Threads to get your very own Cash shirt

Thursday, April 12

CONGRATS Cool Mom Picks Winners

Congratulations to Andrea of New Jersey and Morgan of West Virginia. Both are the winners from the Cool Mom Picks giveaway. Andrea chose "It's Cookout Time" and Morgan picked the very popular "Wonder Woman" design. Thanks to all who took part in the Sandbox Threads giveaway on Cool Mom Picks.

For all the non-winners, Sandbox Threads is standing by, and ready to take your order. We are sorry that you didn't win, but we know that you really DO want a Sandbox Threads original. Really, you do!

Wednesday, April 11

Sandbox Threads Wants You!!!!

Sandbox Threads wants you to show us some LinkLove. Some people say that the Google Sandbox (a waiting period before a new site is listed within a Google search) does not exist. We think it does. Unless someone in webland searches for "cool funky baby clothes sandbox" or some crazy combination of words, then you will not find Sandbox Threads within a search. I find it ironic that Sandbox Threads is in a timeout in the "sandbox."

One way to help us get out of the sandbox is linking. If you have a site, and would be so kind as to link to Sandbox Threads, we would really appreciate it. We show reciprocal linklove. Thanks for listening to our public service announcement.

Want to buy the above shirt? Go HERE!

Tuesday, April 10

Cool Mom Picks Review

As Seen at Cool Mom Picks

Cool Mom Picks posted their review of Sandbox Threads today. Please go take a look and enter to win a free onesie or shirt from Sandbox Threads.

Monday, April 9

There's a Tear in my "bottle?"

I have a confession to make. The first time I can recall hearing a Hank Sr. song was at band camp. Yes, band camp. Sorry son, your mom married a band geek.

Anyway, Sandbox Threads loves Hank Sr, and you can purchase this Hank Sr. design in the Famous Faces section of our site. Want a different famous face? We may just have it, so go take a look.

Saturday, April 7


As a kid, one favorite times of the year was getting the Wish Books a few months before Christmas from stores like JCPenney and Sears. I would get a pen, turn to the back, and start circling all the toys I wanted from Santa. I put together an extensive list.

Being a kid of the late 70s and all of the 80s, Star Wars was my toy of choice, and I had just about every Star Wars figure, vehicle, and ship.

You'll never hear me seriously complain about "missing" anything from my childhood, but I did, however, miss out on a couple of BIG toys from the era due to always getting Star Wars stuff.

I never had a Big Wheel, a Snoopy Snow Cone Maker, or this Sandbox Threads design, a Sit n Spin.

My friends had them, and I got to play with them often, but never one of my own. In an effort to help fill that void in a child's life, Sandbox Threads will be offer all three as current and future designs.

Have a toy you'd like to see on a shirt? Leave a comment, and we'll see what we can do.

Thursday, April 5

Mom's Features, Dad's Fixtures

Since my son was born, I have heard he looks just like his mother (and he does). I have struggled to find a funny, yet appropriate way to say, he did get "something" from me.

I was never able to come up with a good response until over dinner a few weeks ago when a family friend said, "he has mom's features and dad's fixtures." I LOVED the saying, and a Sandbox Threads original design was born.

Wednesday, April 4


When I started Sandbox Threads earlier this year, I really thought that our Gearhead section would sell better than the rest of the sections combined. You'll notice I have the link near the top of the side navigation.

We have a bunch of designs that while they are unique to Sandbox Threads, you can find similar shirts elsewhere (sure, you'll pay around $10 more), but they can be found. Not the Gearhead section though. That's unique to Sandbox Threads.

After the first month of business, that was not the case. We had only sold a handful of the Gearhead designs. Finally though, it seems people are finding our site and the Gearhead sales are picking up.

The above shirt features a 47 Bohn Motorcycle. I like it, and I hope you do as well.

Monday, April 2

Another Happy Sandbox Kid

I have said this before, but if you send them, Sandbox Threads will post them. We LOVE seeing happy kids sporting our threads.

Sunday, April 1

My First Time

Laurel and Hardy is a new design for Sandbox Threads, and the picture above is the first time I transferred the design to a shirt. I don't know why this keeps happening, but the first time I see a design on a shirt is just one of those "wow" moments.