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Tuesday, July 31

When Second Place is Good Enough

Charlie Chaplin on roller skates finished second when we asked for your help in picking our next Famous Faces design, but sometimes second is good enough. Sandbox Threads has just introduced Charlie in our New Designs section.

A new poll is coming soon, so be sure to check back.

Monday, July 30

Sandbox Threads at Squiddo

Like in my post yesterday, I mentioned that in order for Sandbox Threads to be "found" by the big search engines, we need to have a presence all over the web. Has anyone paid attention to just how BIG the web really is?

Anyway, today we have added a Sandbox Threads "lens" at Squiddo. I would love to tell you about all the great features that Squidoo offers, but I don't yet know them. I do know that everytime we post on The Thread, then our "lens" is updated with our new Thread post. Yippie.

More web additions in the days to come. And remember, shopping at Sandbox Threads really is fun for all.

Sunday, July 29

Now on Technorati

As many of you know, Sandbox Threads is new (as of this posting, four months and fourteen days since we went live). During that time, we've stayed busy learning the ropes of the online business world.

On of those "things we have to do" is work on SEO (search engine optimization) and link building. If we want to be ranked high in Google or Yahoo, it just doesn't happen, you have to work at it. Part of that process is joining groups like Technorati which we have. You can visit this link: Technorati Profile to Sandbox Threads profile. If you'd like to add us to your favorites, Add to Technorati Favorites

Next up: Squiddo

Thursday, July 26

Mom Finds Winner!!!

Congrats to Caryn of Sunland, CA. She is the winner of the two Sandbox Threads shirts given away at MomFinds. Caryn chose the "I'm Cute I Get It..." and "If you can read this..." designs. Congratulations again, and for all of you who didn't win, please don't forget about Sandbox Threads (we also sell shirts).

Monday, July 23

Viewmaster Design

Sandbox Threads has just introduced a new design, Viewmaster Reel. I need to do a little research to see if Viewmasters still exist. I remember my favorite Batman Viewmaster Reel. This was not some cartoon reel, but rather the 60s TV show, Adam West, Burgess Meridith, and Julie Newmar--Batman series. And the slides included the action scenes and punches with the oh so clever "action words" like "Bam" "Kapow" and my favorite...

Wait, I see a new design series on the horizon. Bam!

Friday, July 20

And the Winner is....

The Blues Bros! Elwood & Jake will soon be available at Sandbox Threads. And since we like Charlie on roller skates so well, he too will be available soon on Sandbox Threads.

Thursday, July 19

Toddler Truisms

Today, Sandbox Threads has a new name for a new section. Toddler Truisms debuts with seven funny, ironic, and deadpan toddler truths featured on letterpress style poster designs.

We are looking to add more of these sayings to future designs, so if have an idea for a design, please contact us with your funny saying.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, July 18

Win Two Sandbox Threads Onesies or Shirts!!

We are happy to give stuff away. Really, we are, and right now over at MomFinds you can enter to win two Sandbox Threads onesies or shirts.

There is a slight downside to these contests though. That downside is that no one orders shirts during the contest because those that enter want to wait and see if they win.

We at Sandbox Threads though have come up with a solution. Go ahead and enter to win the two shirts over at MomFinds , but then come back to Sandbox Threads and go shopping. If you win the MomFinds contest, and you have purchased shirts from Sandbox Threads between July 18-25, then we will refund your money (for two shirts, not your whole purchase, sorry, we're not that generous. Or if you only purchased one shirt, we'll refund that money and then send you another shirt for FREE!).

It's a win, win. At least we think so.

Monday, July 16

The Che Debate

Sandbox Threads until today offered what some other sites around the web offer, a Che Guevara onesie or t-shirt. And to be honest, my knowledge of Che did not extend far beyond the Che from "Motorcycle Diaries," and Che as fashion icon.

I did not have any personal feelings toward Che Guevara one way or the other; however, some of you do. Last week, I received an email that made me do a little exploration into Che, and has influenced our decision to no longer offer Che as a design at Sandbox Threads.

Here is a portion of the email that I received.

" the daughter of a Cuban political prisoner, it is hard for me to see images of Che Guevara as a fashion statement. To see someone wear (or sell) clothing with his image is, to me, to take that the person admires Che....It was his early policies that led to people like my dad being imprisoned at age 14 (for the first time) and my uncle spending 5 years in a labor camp....It's possible that you don't know this side of Che's life. And given what my family went through, it is my legacy to share. So I share, in the hopes that you would reconsider offering for sale the image of a man who was anything but a hero."

Some of you may have different views toward Che, and you may see him differently than in the email description above. We at Sandbox Threads, however, do not want to be a part of that debate, and thus we have decided to no longer offer Che as one of our designs.

We have though replaced Che with another icon of the era, Janis Joplin. Different, yes, but far less controversial (at least we think so).

Sunday, July 15

New Poster Series Needs a Name and some Words of Wisdom

Sandbox Threads is rolling out a new series. The series features words of wisdom in a classic letterpress style poster (imagine concert posters from years gone by..or better yet, look at a few of the actual posters below). And no, these are not wall hangings, but rather designs for onesies and shirts over at Sandbox Threads.

If you have a name for this series (maybe, "barn door musings," or "car seat wisdom"), please let us know. Also, if you have a funny and/or ironical saying, please let us now that as well. Leave a comment below or visit the Contact Us page at Sandbox Threads and send us an email.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Thursday, July 12

New Sandbox Threads Poll

Sandbox Threads is about to roll out a new famous faces design, but we need your help deciding which design.

We're using the new poll option in blogger (it should be to the right of this post. We will see how it works. Voting ends Friday, July 20.

Tuesday, July 10

Mamanista! Review & Contest

Mamanista! reviews Sandbox Threads, but we're more interested in helping to spread the word about a contest over at Mamanista!. Not only are there some great items being offered as a part of the Mamanista! giveaway, the contest is also hoping to raise awareness about heart defects (and maybe even some money for the American Heart Association). Go check out the contest, and learn more about Baby Diva's story.

Thanks Candace and Mamanista!

Saturday, July 7

New This Week at Sandbox Threads

Whether you love him or hate him, no one can miss the irony in the possibility of Bill being the next first lady or gentleman. Well, at Sandbox Threads, we want those who love him (and those who may be indifferent toward his wife Hillary) to have a shirt to celebrate the great irony that may come to pass.

Monday, July 2

And the Winner is......

...Elder Cash. Sandbox Threads thanks everyone for helping pick this new Famous Faces design. Check back for more poll questions in the near future.