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Saturday, March 31

The Neverending Design

The Oval Bumper Sticker design is located in the Travel Places section of Sandbox Threads. The interesting part is that I have yet to customize this design with a "travel place." Instead the creative shoppers on Sandbox Threads continue to come up with creative alternatives. Keep 'em coming folks!

Friday, March 30

Future Soccer Mom in the Making

If your child doesn't play soccer then you cannot be a soccer mom. For all soccer mom wannabes, visit the Gym Rat section of Sandbox Threads to see the above design and many other sports related designs.

Thursday, March 29

Two More Happy Sandbox Threaders

Look at the smiles on the faces of these two while sporting their Sandbox Threads originals. You Enjoy Myself, you might say!

Wednesday, March 28

New Bestseller?

Indeed, we have a new bestseller at Sandbox Threads. President Poopoohead orders continue to be strong. It seems our left leaning friends have a far greater willingness to get their little ones off on the left foot.

Where are you right-leaners? I mean, I can't really blame you for trying to lay low, but I included a design in our Future Activist section just for you.

And for my leftist friends, I'm glad you're out there and keep checking back for new designs in the days and weeks to come.

Monday, March 26

A Stay At Home Dad Knows this is TRUE!

I'm not sure how thrilled my wife will be to learn that the design on this Sandbox Threads original is not only cute, but absolutely true. I cannot go out with my son without attracting a crowd of ladies. Now, I must be honest, that I am not attracting any of these ladies, but my little boy, or ham, and his smile and flirting is attracting them. I also must point out that the average age of the ladies that are attracted are closer to grandparent age than my wife's age, so please hon, let me continue to leave the house. OK?

Saturday, March 24

The Headphones Dilemma

We finally got an order our Headphones Design. This was one of the first designs that I made (and still one of my favorites), but the one other time I applied the design to the shirt, it didn't transfer well and the headphone cords were a disaster. So, when this order came in, I was afraid that I would need to refund the order, and take the design off of Sandbox Threads.

Well, I have to admit that I was happily surprised, and it was not nearly as difficult this time around as the last. It really did turn out well. I think you'll agree.

It's Not Easy Being Green

It may not be easy being green, but it sure is easy to like the pictured Jim Henson and Kermit Onesie available in the Famous Faces section at Sandbox Threads.

Thursday, March 22

Who Wants to be a Princess...

...when you can be the President?

This design was just added to Sandbox Threads, and it is already one of our top sellers. Can you see why?

The Milkman

I have pondered whether to include a caption on this shirt, and I want to open it up for discussion here. My thought is to add the caption of "Who's Your Daddy?"--crass yes, but funny none the less. The above picture is a Sandbox Threads original. If you'd like to see the added caption, please place a comment below, and depending on the vote, we may add the caption.

Wednesday, March 21

The Amazing Wonder Dolly Jack

Little man is sick, so I have to keep this short. This picture features just a few of the latest creations at Sandbox Threads.

Gotta run, little man is awake and not happy!

Tuesday, March 20

Che--nothing really new--just our take

There are other pictures of Che, but none more famous than this one. We didn't create the wheel with this design, but hey, when it's not broken, why try to fix it? And why would we? We've already sold several. If you want one for yourself, just go to Sandbox Threads and then Future Activists.

Saturday, March 17

Glamatron Follow-Up Review & Photo Proof

Glamatron has done a follow-up review of Sandbox Threads and we think this review means we're off to a good start. We also received a photo of a new Sandbox Threads fan, a cute fan to boot.

And to address a few questions raised in the review, yes we want to offer long-sleeve shirts once fall rolls around. We also hope to be able to offer "dad and me" or "mom and me" collections of adult and baby/toddler tees. Our shirts are tagless, and I will include a picture of our "tagless" label in the days to come, so be sure and check back.

We have quite a few grand ideas, but we, along with our son, needs to learn to crawl before either of us can run. Both of us have a grasp on the crawling, but we haven't mastered it just yet.

Thursday, March 15

Sandbox Threads is NOW OPEN!!!!!!!

We're now open, so please visit Sandbox Threads. We will be adding new designs weekly, and retiring old designs to make room.

Now that we're finally open, I'll be updating the Thread with more stories and less on self-promotion (although self-promotion will not go away completely).

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you often.

P.S. Don't forget to visit Sandbox Threads.

Tuesday, March 13

Whatchoo Talkin 'bout Mommy?

Two Days Now and we're fully up and running!!! It's not to late to pre-order your onesie or shirt. Really, what are you waiting for? Go to Sandbox Threads NOW to order

Monday, March 12

More Shirts for You to See

Pre-Orders continue to roll in. All pre-orders will begin being shipped in 3 DAYS. To pre-order visit Sandbox Threads, and we'll get your shirt or onesie out to you shortly.

Check back for more reviews and updates in the days to come. We have a couple of new models that will be featured over the next few days.

Saturday, March 10

Now Accepting "Pre-Orders"

So what's a "pre-order?" I'm glad you asked. It's nothing more than an order in advance of our official opening date of March 15th. We are hoping for a big first week, and we wanted to make sure those of you who have been waiting to order get their shirts first. That's it. If you're ready to order, just visit Sandbox Threads and place your order. Looking forward to making your shirt or onesie for you.

Wednesday, March 7

A Handful of Newly Made Shirts

I can't stop myself. I pressed these shirts just before lunchtime today, and I was planning on waiting until tomorrow to post the pic, but I couldn't wait. I told you I'm like a kid at Christmas. Hope you like what you see.

A Few More Designs & only 7 MORE DAYS!!!!!

I AM READY!!! I am ready to open Sandbox Threads. In fact I have been "ready" to open for quite some time. Unfortunately, we are not yet "ready" to open. We still have a few things to get into place before I push the open for business button.

This week already feels like the week before Christmas (at least what the week before Christmas felt like when I was 5 or 6 years old). I hope some of you feel the same way as I do.

Monday, March 5

So, How Did Sandbox Threads come to Be?

Sandbox Threads is currently featured in the Mom & Pop Spotlight on I was given the chance to tell our story in more detail, and highlight some of the joys and frustrations that went into opening Sandbox Threads.

Sunday, March 4

Why No Pictures? Problem Solved.

Why are there no pictures on "The Tread?" I asked myself the same question when I visited earlier today. And the cool part, today is Sunday. That means a lot to a stay-at-home dad. Why? Because mom is home, and can take care of little man while I work on (or play on) the computer. I not only played a bit on the computer, but I also printed a few shirts. What a nice little afternoon.

Below are a few of the designs offered on Sandbox Threads. The white and royal onesie features Rocker Hands that can be found in the Little Groupie section of the site. The heather and maroon tee features the Animal House inspired Preschool design. You can find this design in the Cheeky Monkey section. And the Alaska design on the sky and navy toddler shirt can be found in the Travel Places section.

These and many more styles & designs can be found on

Opening for reals in 11 Days!!!!

Friday, March 2

Glamtron Reviews Sandbox Threads

The wonders of the World Wide Web never cease to amaze me, and the power of one email forwarded and then forwarded again and again is just remarkable. On Tuesday, I opened my inbox to discover a review of our yet to be opened store. Below is a link to the review on

Funky Baby-Boy Clothing

Thanks Ina and Glamtron for taking the time to tell others about Sandbox Threads.

The Sandbox THREAD--The What?

If you happen to be one of the handful of people who have actually visited

then you will have seen this before. If not, please visit the site if you get a chance, and feel free to post your comments here to help us improve our site.

So, who are we? And how on earth did we get here?

Well, our story begins with a new job in a new state and a new baby to boot. To top it off, mom is now the bread winner and working full-time, and I get to wear the label of "stay-at-home" dad, a label I have learned to love.

We were fortunate to have been given almost an entire first year wardrobe for our son when he was born. Lots and lots of "cute" baby gear. Over the course of the first few months, I found myself wanting something other than bears and doggies to dress him in. Then our favorite auntie gave Ben a shirt that was more our style (and the style we wanted for him). She complained that she had searched for a hip baby shirt for quite some time, but had little luck finding one. I started searching the internet for similar styles, and while I found a few places, the search left me wanting more.

As most of you probably know, newbies sleep quite a bit, and it gave this "stay-at-home" dad plenty of time to concoct ideas like starting an online business. After several months of learning and researching and developing and designing, here we are.

We hope that we offer the chic moms and hip dads (or aunties or uncles or friends) an alternative choice for little hipsters.