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Tuesday, July 29

Twin Shirt Powers Activate

If you've taken any time at all to look around Sandbox Threads, then you know that we're not your typical baby clothes store. Our cool baby clothes offer a different take on dressing your little one. We enjoy taking ideas and making them into designs you would not typically see on baby apparel.

Our latest take is on the twins gift set. I started thinking about Sandbox Threads' brand, spanking new Frick and Frack twin set last night, and realized that the set could just as easily be a sibling gift set. I can just see big brother being Frick and little sister being Frack. And the good news, the Frick and Frack gift set is available in each and every size, color and style. You can customize this set to fit your needs. We hope you enjoy putting together the perfect gift set for yourself.

And don't forget that our monthly newsletter offering coupons and updates will be going out later this week, so be sure to sign-up now to receive your copy. Until then, ciao!

Sunday, July 27

Hands Down Better Browser

I have long been a Firefox user, and I loved the Firefox browser even before I started designing Sandbox Threads. Little did I know that because Sandbox Threads looks and works great in Firefox does it mean that it looks and works great in Internet Explorer.

Updating the website and adding new features is pretty painless. That is until I go take a look at the site in Internet Explorer, and more times than not, the update does not work properly. It's hard for me to imagine how Microsoft can dominate the computer world, yet continue to offer sub-par, under-performing products (see, IE, Vista). Last week I spent countless hours figuring out why our slideshow would disappear in IE after playing one time. The problem was IE, not my coding (and it's now working properly).

Anyway, you probably don't care, and I wouldn't either if I were you, BUT if you want a better experience surfing the web, I recommend downloading and using the new Firefox 3. Plus, if I can get everyone who visits Sandbox Threads to use Firefox, I can stop wasting time correcting problems caused by IE.

Wednesday, July 23

For the Equipment Crazy Kids

I'm not sure how this happened (I believe it's just part of being a little boy), but our son is equipment crazy. We didn't push him toward the big machines. He gravitated there all by himself, and now any car ride involves him loudly pointing out ever digger, bulldozer, tractor, and duck bill (his odd take on dump truck).

So when Sandbox Threads received our new equipment designs, Ben nearly pitched a fit because he wanted to play with, inspect, and keep all of them for himself.
We were able to pry them away, and now if you have an equipment crazy kid, we just might be able to help.

Friday, July 18

We Can Solve It

Maybe I am naive, but I believe that I can personally make a difference and change to world. Not the whole world all at once, but if you've ever seen the Liberty Mutual commercials where one person helps the other who in turn goes on the help the next person, and that person helps the next and so on. I absolutely believe that sort of change is indeed possible. (If interested, you can watch the commercial HERE).

So while I'm still skeptical that We Can Solve It, the climate change initiative led by Al Gore, can accomplish "producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and other clean sources within 10 years," I do believe major steps toward this country becoming energy independent within ten years is absolutely possible.

I invite you to watch the video, and if so moved, join the challenge.

Thursday, July 17

Construction Time






We've been busy the last few days with tasks absolutely unrelated to Sandbox Threads. For a while now, we have had two large boxes sitting beside of our garage waiting to be emptied and assembled. Well, that assembly has now taken place. While building this beast of a swing set, I realized a couple of things, I thought I'd share:

1. The lengths to which we will go to make our children happy may very well be limitless. This is coming from me, a dad, and also from my dad who helped me build he swing. I think he was helping me, his son, as much as he was trying to make his grandson happy.

2. The shear genius behind the packaging, design, and assembly instructions just amazed me. There was no a wasted space in the packaged boxes, very few extra parts (this may be our fault that there was any leftover pieces), and while confusing at times, the building of the set was pretty straight forward if you "follow the directions."

I'm pretty proud of this beast o'swing, and my son nearly pees his pants every time he goes outside and see that the swingset is still there.

Friday, July 11

One Day and Four New Designs

Sandbox Threads has had these designs awaiting a launch for some time, but we just haven't gotten around to adding them to the site until now. We were going to add them one at a time, but I decided that if I waited it might be months before I get them added.

We hope you like them, and look for our own take on "twin shirts" in the weeks to come.

Tuesday, July 8

Dress Orders Are Rolling In

To be honest, I wasn't sure about adding the dresses. Having never worn a dress (well, maybe I have a time or two, but I'm sure there was a good reason for my cross-dressing like some high school homecoming competition or to make myself feel pretty), anyway, I just wasn't sold that they would work with our designs.

Well, I was wrong. The more dresses I make the more I'm glad we added them to the offerings at Sandbox Threads.

We were also worried that "chubby" kids wouldn't be able to pull off the dress. Well, over the weekend, Ben's grandmother and aunt decided to test the dress on our chubby boy. While no pictures were taken of Ben in a Sandbox Threads dress, trust us, a chunky monkey can definitely pull off this look.