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Thursday, July 29

A Close Up Look at Sandbox Threads

I'm still a few days away from starting "The Great Shirt Mock-Up" (see below), so in the meantime, I'm still taking pictures of shirts, and I discovered a neat benefit of taking pictures for one more day, some new views of Sandbox Threads.

When I put the camera down, I could see the above view through the screen. I liked it and took a picture. I then proceeded to take other "close-up" shots of some views around Sandbox Threads.

Yeah, I know, but this is what I do.




Wednesday, July 28

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

I am finally giving in, and I'm pretty excited about it. Since I started Sandbox Threads, I have tried to take individual pictures of the shirts we make and then manually upload them to our website. Doing it the "old way" adds extra work and I often find myself behind a big stack of pictures that never make it to the site.

An alternative to taking actual photos is to use shirt mock-ups. Most sites you visit already do this (and I bet most of you didn't even know). I have used mock-ups of our shirts before, but I just didn't want to give in and stop taking pictures of our shirt. I didn't (until now).

Side by side the mock-up looks better than the photo, and the mock-up is still a true representation of our shirts. So, I'm making the change that will not only save me a bunch of work, but make the Sandbox Threads website look better.

I hope you agree that our cool toddler shirts and baby onesies really do look better.

And in case you couldn't tell, the above picture is the mock-up while the picture below is an actual photo.

Monday, July 26

SBT Shirt + Cute Kids = AWESOME Slideshow

Just a few of the thousands of kids sporting some of the awesome baby clothes from Sandbox Threads. And starting today, receive $1 store credit for each picture you send to us with your little one wearing one of our cool baby shirt. Check out the full details at Sandbox Threads.