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Wednesday, December 19

It's Not TOO Late... shopping is NOT over at Sandbox Threads. As late as Friday, you can order a shirt from Sandbox Threads, and we can get the shirt to you in time for Christmas--sure, you'll pay UPS an arm and part of your leg for us to get it there, but we can.

We'd suggest though going with a Sandbox Threads Gift Certificate. It's quick and easy, and can be done very LAST MINUTE. Plus, you save your arm and part of your leg

Friday, December 14

Stay Away Boys

Most parents don't want to admit it, but before we know it, our boys will be chasing girls, and the girls running from the boys. So, when Sandbox Threads found this design, we just had to offer it. We affectionately call it Stay Away Boys.

I'll do my best to keep my son from chasing the girls as long as I can, and you can be certain of one thing, he won't be wearing swimming trunks like the guys in this design.

Thursday, December 13

I STILL Pity the Fool...

...who doesn't like Sandbox Threads' Mr. T design.

Thursday, December 6

15% Off Today Only...then 10% Off Later

Last chance to save before the holidays.

Saturday, December 1

The New Look of Sandbox Threads

The changes over at Sandbox Threads are nothing major, but we have streamlined and attempt to carry a common look throughout each page. We hope you like, and if you find a link that doesn't work, or something you think is a mistake, please do let us know.