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Friday, February 27

Journey--Pre-Game at the Super Bowl

I wanted to write about this when it happened, but I forgot about it until I heard the song on the radio this morning.

I like Journey. I have their Greatest Hits CD (crazy that saying "CD" dates me), but I'm not a huge fan and I haven't followed them closely enough to know the comings and goings of band members. I knew "Don't Stop Believing" ended the Sopranos. And I knew Steve Perry (the former lead singer) was no longer with the band. At least, I thought so.

During the Super Bowl pregame, I was working on the computer with the TV on in the background. When Journey came on stage, I was surprised to hear Journey sound like the "real" Journey. And I immediately thought Steve Perry was back with the band, so I looked up at the TV to discover a most unusual site, Arnel Pineda.

Filipino native Arnel Pineda looks nothing like Steve Perry, but sounds JUST LIKE him. After several double takes, yelling to Elizabeth to come see, and a quick search, I found out that Arnel was discovered on a YouTube singing covers of, you guessed it, Journey songs. Amazing! We really do live in a shrinking world.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 13

Adult Shirts Video

I suppose that this "Adult Shirts" Video is better than "Adult Video" shirts. I'm not sure those would be a big seller at Sandbox Threads. Get these and all many other designs at the Sandbox Threads' Big Kids Store.

By the way, you can make your own video like the above for free. You get to pick the photos and the music. Really, pretty darn cool.

Tuesday, February 10

Reason #296--Why I Love Jon Stewart

Ever wonder why Sandbox Threads would sell a onesie with Jon Stewart's image on it? Because he's AWESOME and we love him! Enjoy the video and the hypocrisy of Bill O.

Tuesday, February 3

Growing Pains...Adult Version

When I first started Sandbox Threads, we had some growing pains (fading/peeling designs, tag removal, shipping problems, etc.). It took a while, but I now have the making of our cool baby clothes down to an efficient, smooth running operation. That was until, the CPSIA pushed me quickly into making adult t-shirts, and in many ways, I'm back at square one.

No worries on fading designs or shipping issues, but aligning the designs on adult shirts is a brand new monster. Baby and toddler shirts are small, I can see the whole shirt and aligning the designs is cake compared to these monstrous adult shirts. When I'm making shirts, the XL shirts (the size I wear) look like they would fit a giant.

The other issue is picking the right shirt colors. I missed. With the adult shirts, I decided I wanted to only use 100% Organic Cotton Shirts, and I wanted to offer colored organic shirts. I found several really nice options, and narrowed it down to what I though were the three best colors. Well, the "Ocean" Blue shirt turned out to be much darker than the internet picture appeared, and just would not work with out designs. So, they are headed back, and a very nice "natural" shirt will replace it.

I guess these are small issues, but I had gotten into quite a groove and these new shirts have me off beat. Give me a few months, and I'll be grooving again.