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Tuesday, May 29

MetroDad Blog Post

I stumbled upon this blog posting yesterday, and I laughed so much that I felt the need to link to it. I really think you will enjoy. Here's the link to: The Eight Types of Playground Parents.

After you get done over at MetroDad, be sure to check out Sandbox Threads. We have style to suit any of the parents mentioned in MetroDad's posting.

Monday, May 28


Postmodern Picture Books for Kids (and Adults)

Why am I a stay at home dad?

Well, for several reasons, but mainly because my wife has her PhD, and she is a college professor. Or as Ben and I call her, Dr. Suga'Mama.

To the point of this post though, Elizabeth's dissertation topic centered around Postmodern Picture books. Yeah, I didn't know what a "postmodern picture book" was either until she introduced me to the concept. These books are a little off beat, a bit different, and normally do not follow the "once upon a time..." style of many children's books.

So, each week, she plans to introduce a new book to each of you, and also tell you a bit about the newest genre of children's books, postmodern picture books. She loves them. I love them. And while Ben does not yet understand that books are for reading and not for eating, we are pretty sure he too will love them.

Look for the first book in the next few days. Until then, feel free to go shopping at Sandbox Threads. We have introduced several new styles that we think you will like. Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 18

Good vs. Bad?

Maybe, but more likely worse vs. worser Agreed?

Regardless of which you you lean, you can find a design at Sandbox Threads to please your fancy. Plus, both political party designs can be found in the Future Activist section onSandbox Threads.

Wednesday, May 16

Dog Food vs. Potted Meat

Is there really a difference? Really?

Regardless, we love the above Friskies Dog Food design from Sandbox Threads.

Sunday, May 13

That's Mr. Sock Monkey to You!!!

This Sandbox Threads original can be found in the New Designs Section. Who doesn't like a Sock Monkey?

Thursday, May 10

Mighty Goods Likes Us...We Think

Of all the reviews we have received, the Mighty Goods review is by far the most unusual. We think likes Sandbox Threads, but we're not completely sure how they feel about hipster dads or if our designs perpetuate the problem.

Thanks Mighty Goods (we think)!!!

Tuesday, May 8

Celebrity Baby Clothes Review

Sandbox Threads has received another great review. This time the review comes from Celebrity Baby Clothes. Thanks so much for the great review!!

The family and I are visiting my folks this week, check back next week when we unveil several new designs.

Wednesday, May 2

Free Floyd Landis

I am a huge Tour de France fan. I actually get up early in the morning to watch, and last summer I watched with amazement as Floyd Landis completed one of the most amazing stage victories that I have ever seen. I was thrilled for him when he won the Tour, and I was hurt when he was accused of cheating.

Call me what you will, but I still want to believe Floyd. I don't trust the results of the lab which continue to offer, at best, mixed results. All from a country that really doesn't like that we yanks have dominated their little bike race for nearly a decade. And a country that made it a national past time trying to bring down Lance. When they couldn't get to him, they got Floyd.

With all that being said, I still really like the above France design. It reminds me of a time prior to tabloid reporting, synthetic testosterone, and the whole sport with a HUGE cloud over it. You can find this Sandbox Threads design in the Travel Section.

Tuesday, May 1

25th Anniversary of the 1982 WORLD'S FAIR

I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 1982, to what the Wall Street Journal called a "scruffy little city," the World's Fair descended upon Knoxville. I was 8, and it was a big deal. Some of my favorite memories of that year are directly related to the World's Fair.

A few highlights of that year include:

*Winning a cheap plastic horse at one of those squirt gun races

*Seeing a real mummy for the first time ever at the Egypt exhibit

*Finding twenty dollars on the ground. (my mom made me keep that $20 and she gave it to me when I graduated high school)

*Riding the HUGE ferris wheel and watching as my mom white knuckled the cart.

*And by far the top memory, seeing The University of Tennessee beat the University of Alabama in what turned out to be Bear Bryant's last trip to Knoxville before his death, and then heading right next door to the stadium and spending the late afternoon and evening riding rides at the World's Fair and going up in the Sunsphere.

In honor of the 1982 World's Fair, I designed a shirt for Sandbox Thread's Travel Section featuring the famous Sunsphere (and no it is not a wig factory--see a certain Simpson's episode for explanation).