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Monday, March 31

Seven Dogs and A Baby

Most days just keeping up with our 19 month old son wears both myself and my wife out. I can't imagine throwing in seven, yes, seven dogs to boot, but that's exactly what Angela at Seven Dogs and A Baby blog does every day. Today, Seven Dogs and a Baby features Sandbox Threads.

For our regular readers, you will know that I'm a southern boy originally from Tennessee, and after reading Seven Dog's review today, I am disappointed in myself. I grew up seeing roadside barns painted with "See Rock City," and when I was putting together designs for our Travel Places section, it did not occur to me to include a See Rock City design. Well, that's about to change.

Thank you Angela for the review, and look for a See Rock City design to debut on Sandbox Threads in the weeks to come.

Thursday, March 27

What's Hot for Tots Likes Sandbox Threads

What's Hot for Tots thinks Sandbox Threads is T-rriffic. Thanks Meg and welcome to the readers who found us through What's Hot for Tots.

Wednesday, March 19

We Resisted, But New Prices at Sandbox Threads

We tried, but at the end of the day we had to raise our prices from $17 per item to $18. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you will know that $18 is still lower than our original price of $18.95 when we opened for business last year.

Our goal at Sandbox Threads is to offer the coolest baby clothes at the lowest possible price, but we also need to make a little money along to way. At the beginning of 2008, we received the new price list from each of our suppliers, and each raised their prices for 2008. Also, postal prices have increased and will again increase in the coming weeks, but we have maintained our shipping rates and kept our free shipping for orders over $50.

We still believe we are offering a better quality product at some of the lowest prices around. Most of our competitors charge four, five, and sometimes ten dollars more than Sandbox Threads. We could probably charge that much also, but we just don't want to do it. I started Sandbox Threads to offer an alternative, and we plan to continue to do just that.

Elvis Has Left the Building...

Actually, Sandbox Threads' Elvis onesie and Isabelle are just napping.

Now that's a cute picture!

Sunday, March 16

Sandbox Threads is ONE

Sandbox Threads turned ONE yesterday, and we want to thank all of you for an amazing first year.


Wednesday, March 5

Edgar wearing Edgar

This is Edgar wear Sandbox Threads' Edgar Allan Poe design.

If you send them, we will use them. Send photos of your favorite little one sporting a Sandbox Threads' shirt or onesie, and we'll make 'em famous (well, we'll post the picture somewhere on one of our sites. We can't promise the famous part).

Guess Who's Turning One?

That's right. Sandbox Threads is turning one year old, and to celebrate we're offering 15% off purchases the entire month of March. To receive your discount, enter code bday15 during checkout.

Happy Birthday to Us and thank you for an amazing first year.