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Monday, October 27

My Mama VOTED for Obama

With early voting going strong around the country, Sandbox Threads is happy to introduce a NEW My Mama's for (VOTED) Obama design. The above design will arrive later this week. And while we're sad to see our original My Mama's for Obama design retired, we're happy that the election is finally here, and we're happy that SO many of you still want Obama themed onesies and shirts.

If you can, GO VOTE NOW. Both this pop and mama have already voted. I bet you can guess who we voted for, but I'm not telling you. Happy Monday!

Friday, October 24

McCain v. Obama--DANCE-OFF

This really is the BEST head to head match-up of the two candidates thus far. I'm still laughing.

Will Ferrell as W....

Thursday, October 23

Opie Meet Richie Meet Ron

Funny stuff. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 22

$150,000 vs. $30

When I heard the news of Gov. Palin (or the campaign or the RNC) spending $150,000 on her wardrobe in the last month, I had to read the story twice to make sure I got the number correct. $150,000--or roughly 8333 shirts from Sandbox Threads, or to paraphrase the article, what the average American household spends on clothes in 80 years, Palin received in one month.

The story also triggered a memory of watching the above interview earlier this summer, and after a bit of searching, I found it on YouTube--you really can find any clip from any time on YouTube.

And if you're curious, Obama's suits cost about $1500 per suit (expensive yes, but I'd be willing to bet he doesn't have 100 suits). Also, here's a picture of the shoes...

and the $34 dress

Although, this scarf seems to be money well spent--Vote Democratic Donkey? Conspiracy Theorists enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21

Steal Back Your Vote

Steal Back Your Vote! from Greg Palast on Vimeo.

Regardless of whom you plan to vote for (this Pop's for Barack), I want to make sure you CAN vote. Take a few minutes to watch this video and also visit Steal Back Your Vote. The site has some tips to ensure YOUR VOTE is counted.

Monday, October 20

If Colin Powell were running....

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the phrase, "if Colin Powell were running, I'd vote for him." Well, he may not be running, but he makes the most well articulated case why he's supporting Obama that I've heard. And why, he's not supporting McCain. You may have seen soundbites of this clip, but I highly recommend watching the whole thing.

And remember, it's not to late to register to vote, to buy a My Mama's for Obama shirt from Sandbox Threads and receive it in time for the election, or to change you mind about whom you plan to vote.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 16

The Joe's Have It

No one except possibly Joe Six Pack could have seen this coming--Joe, The Plumber turns debate bingo on it's head. My friends, no need to sigh or roll your eyes in disgust, Joe won last night's debate and ran away with debate bingo.

Thursday, October 9

A Message from Ralph Stanley

I went to college in southwest Virginia (Emory & Henry College to be exact--great place, take a look. E&H is ranked in the top 100 universities in the country by Forbes Magazine).

Anyway, SW Virginia is also home to the Carter family (including June Carter Cash, Johnny's wife. You know, Johnny Cash) and the Carter Family Fold still host bluegrass shows each weekend. So when I heard the above radio ad from Ralph Stanley endorsing Barack Obama, it made me smile.

It may not seem like that big a deal to the rest of the country, but this ad from a southerner speaking directly to other southerners gets closer to the core of MOST southerners than anything I have heard from either campaign. Most rural southerners are not the hate filled racist as they are often portrayed. Most are good, kind folks and a simple ad like this, I believe, from one of their own may really help change some minds.

Anyway, we're taking a week off to visit family, so we'll talk to you again next week.

Wednesday, October 8

My Friends...

...if you happened to play debate bingo last night, and you took "my friends" you came out the big winner. So, "my friends" have a good day and it's not too late to get your little one an election year shirt from Sandbox Threads.

Thursday, October 2

Favorite Video EVER!!!!!

Are there better songs? Yes.
Are there better videos? Yes.
Do I like any better than this one? No.

I Love the 80s

You can't get a shirt featuring these guys at Sandbox Threads, but we do have Lloyd Dobler and Molly Ringwald along with other 80s flashbacks.

5 Friends

WARNING--This might cause you to do something, like registering to vote and sending this on to 5 or more friends.