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Wednesday, July 23

For the Equipment Crazy Kids

I'm not sure how this happened (I believe it's just part of being a little boy), but our son is equipment crazy. We didn't push him toward the big machines. He gravitated there all by himself, and now any car ride involves him loudly pointing out ever digger, bulldozer, tractor, and duck bill (his odd take on dump truck).

So when Sandbox Threads received our new equipment designs, Ben nearly pitched a fit because he wanted to play with, inspect, and keep all of them for himself.
We were able to pry them away, and now if you have an equipment crazy kid, we just might be able to help.


Rach said...

Those are awesome! Lucky Ben. :o)

Anonymous said...


Love the equipment shirts. Wen has almost outgrown her Bon Jovi shirt. I am eyeing some for the fall..
Congrats on the new daughter.

Christy Boswell Bailey

Auntie Joo said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

my son does the same thing during car rides...crazy how the boys just gravitate to all things transportation...he's going to do his happy dance when his truck shirts arrive!

Alexia said...

I love them! My son is in love with anything with wheels, he would love these shirts!