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Sunday, July 27

Hands Down Better Browser

I have long been a Firefox user, and I loved the Firefox browser even before I started designing Sandbox Threads. Little did I know that because Sandbox Threads looks and works great in Firefox does it mean that it looks and works great in Internet Explorer.

Updating the website and adding new features is pretty painless. That is until I go take a look at the site in Internet Explorer, and more times than not, the update does not work properly. It's hard for me to imagine how Microsoft can dominate the computer world, yet continue to offer sub-par, under-performing products (see, IE, Vista). Last week I spent countless hours figuring out why our slideshow would disappear in IE after playing one time. The problem was IE, not my coding (and it's now working properly).

Anyway, you probably don't care, and I wouldn't either if I were you, BUT if you want a better experience surfing the web, I recommend downloading and using the new Firefox 3. Plus, if I can get everyone who visits Sandbox Threads to use Firefox, I can stop wasting time correcting problems caused by IE.


Auntie Joo said...

They should pay you for this stuff...

Rach said...

I too am a big fan of Firefox 3 and wish to goodness I didn't have Vista on my machine. :sigh: