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Saturday, July 2

Introducing One 10 Threads

For the last month or so, most of my free time has been spent building a new website & store, One 10 Threads and in a couple of days, One 10 Threads will officially open for business.

Just so you know, One 10 Threads t-shirt line pays homage to those sports stars who always gave 110% (hence the store name). Our throwback tees honor these legendary super stars by preserving the past and ensuring their legacy lives on through future generations.

Oh, and the picture up there of the Mean Joe Greene/Coke commercial, that commercial is probably my earliest sports memory. I don't really remember Mean Joe playing, but I remember the commercial and I also had a poster of him in my room for many years to come.

I really hope you like our site and please do let us know if you have any suggestions.

Thursday, February 10

T-Shirt Design Contest--Girls, Girls, Girls

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a boy and most of my designs are boy centric. For the past few years, my sister-in-law has been telling me that Sandbox Threads needs more designs for girls. Cute, not cutesy, stuff you can buy someone you don't know all that well and give them at a baby shower. I've tried and failed to satisfy this niche and I need your help. So call upon your inner little girl and design for her.

Click the image above for full details and to submit your entry.

Monday, January 17

Sandbox Threads meets Hollywood

Sandbox Threads' Hollywood presence is growing. Last year, Gossip Girls featured several of our designs. We believe, The Middle, also featured our Abraham Lincoln design. Then last week, Grey (Ellen Pompeo) dressed her daughter in one of our coolest baby shirts. And now, it seems another SBT design is featured in the latest Wheat Thins commercial.

What's next? My fingers are crossed for Dexter or Modern Family.

Monday, November 22

More New Designs Just In Time...

The cool baby clothes at Sandbox Threads just welcomed some new friends to the sandbox. And these new friends arrived just in time to make the perfect holiday gift.

See these and other new & cool baby shirts at Sandbox Threads

Friday, October 15

Sneak Peek

With the website completely up-to-date, I finally had some time to do my favorite part of the job, design new t-shirts. Next week, we'll roll out around 15 brand spanking new designs for our cool baby clothes & hip toddler t-shirts. Here's a sneak peek at a few of our new designs.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Tuesday, September 28

Stewart & Colbert Rally Shirts for the Whole Family

Are you heading to either Stephen Colbert’s “March to Keep Fear Alive” or Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” scheduled for October 30th in DC? If so, get your gear before you go.

Sandbox Threads
has both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart t-shirts for the whole family. Jon Stewart Baby Onesies, Kid T-Shirts with Jon Stewart, & Adult Jon Stewart Tees.

And if you would prefer a Stephen Colbert Onesie, or Colbert Kids Shirt or a Stephen Colbert t-shirt just for you, we can do that too.

From everything I've read, these rallies will far surpass the attendance of the Beck rally. I really hope so. They seem way more fun and not nearly as hateful.

Monday, September 13

Sandbox Threads on Gossip Girl

A few months ago, the costume department at the hit television show Gossip Girl ordered several cool baby onesies from Sandbox Threads. We don't yet know if the Gossip Girl onesies are part of the final show or if they hit the cutting room floor. Fingers crossed that we made the show.

If we did make the final cut and you watch Gossip Girl, the onesies pictured in this post are the designs to keep an eye out for while watching (the colors and styles may be a bit different, but the designs the same).

I've never watched the show, but this season, I'll be watching.

Tuesday, August 24

A WAY BACK Look at Sandbox Threads

The snapshot above is of the Sandbox Threads website taken just a few days after we opened. If you'd like to browse around the original Sandbox Threads' website, enjoy. Many of the links are broken and images long gone, but you might enjoy seeing the humble beginnings from which we originate.

Two things strike me when I look at our original site and our first attempt to sell cool baby shirts. First, why on earth would anyone in there right mind buy from us with a website that looks so, well, generic and homemade? Thank you for your trust. We've come a long way and without those first customers we wouldn't be where we are today.

Second, the vast majority of the designs that we offered back then are still our best sellers today. I guess I really was onto something way back them because my original ideas still seem to be my best ideas.

Looking at the site then and the site now really brings a smile to my face. The changes have been a labor of love (and many times utter hate), but I'm really proud of how far we've come.

Monday, August 2

Back to School Flashback

I loved back to school shopping when I was a kid. I mean LOVED! I remember picking out my new notebook and hoping my mom would spring for a Trapper Keeper. Getting everything I needed to load the notebook up. New pencils. New ruler. New everything. Mind you, getting the notebook ready had nothing to do with "school," but everything to do with maintaining the status quo.

I even loved going to get my new school clothes. Shopping has never been my thing, but during that week in early August, I loved it. My mom loved it, too, which wasn't a problem until around 1986 when I was trying to "assert my independence." I mean, I wanted to ditch her and pick out clothes by myself, but she was paying and I was still her little boy and she wanted a say. This battle, while torturous at the time, makes me smile at how weird teenage boys become toward their moms. Sorry mom.

My point? Moms(and dads): buy the stuff you like now (hopefully a few Sandbox Threads' shirts) and dress your kiddos in them while you can because in a few short years the battle between parent and teenager will ensue.

Thursday, July 29

A Close Up Look at Sandbox Threads

I'm still a few days away from starting "The Great Shirt Mock-Up" (see below), so in the meantime, I'm still taking pictures of shirts, and I discovered a neat benefit of taking pictures for one more day, some new views of Sandbox Threads.

When I put the camera down, I could see the above view through the screen. I liked it and took a picture. I then proceeded to take other "close-up" shots of some views around Sandbox Threads.

Yeah, I know, but this is what I do.