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Thursday, February 7

Mama's for Obama, but what about Pop?

I know this is the third blog posting about Obama in a row, but I had to share Sandbox Threads' new Barack Obama design. Plenty of mamas out there are displaying their support for Obama, but what about the dads?

Well, Sandbox Threads to the rescue. No, My Pop's for Barack does not quite have the same ring to it as My Mama's for Obama, but it was the closest I could get.

Promise, next time, I'll write about something other than politics.

Wednesday, February 6

Happy Sandbox Threader!

Wilson's mama loves Obama, and it appears Wilson also loves his My Mama's for Obama shirt.

Super Tuesday's vote may have been split by Clinton and Obama (and those nice Republicans on the other side--we do have a Huckabee design and the Republican Elephant for our friends to the right), but I'm telling you that American moms continue to show more love for Barack. Whether this translate in the voting in the weeks to come, we will have to wait and see.

Either way, Sandbox Threads is happy to help your little one sport gear from your favorite candidate, party, or pop culture icon.

Monday, February 4

If Sales are Any Indication....

...then Barack Obama will defeat Hillary Clinton tomorrow during the Super Duper Tuesday Primary. Sandbox Threads offers both a My Mama's for Obama design along with Elect Bill, First Lady '08. My Mama's for Obama out sells Elect Bill by nearly a 10 to 1 margin.

Obviously this is an unscientific poll, but regardless, I'd be just fine if Obama got 10 to 1 during voting tommorow.

If you're in a primary state--GO VOTE!!!