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Thursday, July 17

Construction Time






We've been busy the last few days with tasks absolutely unrelated to Sandbox Threads. For a while now, we have had two large boxes sitting beside of our garage waiting to be emptied and assembled. Well, that assembly has now taken place. While building this beast of a swing set, I realized a couple of things, I thought I'd share:

1. The lengths to which we will go to make our children happy may very well be limitless. This is coming from me, a dad, and also from my dad who helped me build he swing. I think he was helping me, his son, as much as he was trying to make his grandson happy.

2. The shear genius behind the packaging, design, and assembly instructions just amazed me. There was no a wasted space in the packaged boxes, very few extra parts (this may be our fault that there was any leftover pieces), and while confusing at times, the building of the set was pretty straight forward if you "follow the directions."

I'm pretty proud of this beast o'swing, and my son nearly pees his pants every time he goes outside and see that the swingset is still there.

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