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Monday, May 28


Postmodern Picture Books for Kids (and Adults)

Why am I a stay at home dad?

Well, for several reasons, but mainly because my wife has her PhD, and she is a college professor. Or as Ben and I call her, Dr. Suga'Mama.

To the point of this post though, Elizabeth's dissertation topic centered around Postmodern Picture books. Yeah, I didn't know what a "postmodern picture book" was either until she introduced me to the concept. These books are a little off beat, a bit different, and normally do not follow the "once upon a time..." style of many children's books.

So, each week, she plans to introduce a new book to each of you, and also tell you a bit about the newest genre of children's books, postmodern picture books. She loves them. I love them. And while Ben does not yet understand that books are for reading and not for eating, we are pretty sure he too will love them.

Look for the first book in the next few days. Until then, feel free to go shopping at Sandbox Threads. We have introduced several new styles that we think you will like. Happy Memorial Day!


Auntie Joo said...

LOVE THIS!!! Are you going to put the book pics on t-shirts? Love the new tree design, BTW.

Mac Bartine said...

Cool idea!

Candace April said...

Interest piqued. Can't wait!