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Tuesday, May 1

25th Anniversary of the 1982 WORLD'S FAIR

I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 1982, to what the Wall Street Journal called a "scruffy little city," the World's Fair descended upon Knoxville. I was 8, and it was a big deal. Some of my favorite memories of that year are directly related to the World's Fair.

A few highlights of that year include:

*Winning a cheap plastic horse at one of those squirt gun races

*Seeing a real mummy for the first time ever at the Egypt exhibit

*Finding twenty dollars on the ground. (my mom made me keep that $20 and she gave it to me when I graduated high school)

*Riding the HUGE ferris wheel and watching as my mom white knuckled the cart.

*And by far the top memory, seeing The University of Tennessee beat the University of Alabama in what turned out to be Bear Bryant's last trip to Knoxville before his death, and then heading right next door to the stadium and spending the late afternoon and evening riding rides at the World's Fair and going up in the Sunsphere.

In honor of the 1982 World's Fair, I designed a shirt for Sandbox Thread's Travel Section featuring the famous Sunsphere (and no it is not a wig factory--see a certain Simpson's episode for explanation).

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