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Thursday, September 6

Yesterday and then again today, at Babble featured two Sandbox Threads designs. This link today featuring Sandbox Threads' TV Stinks. And this link yesterday featuring President Poopoohead.

Now we are of the belief that any press is good press (especially press on a baby website), but the two posts left us scratching our head. While the sentiments on TV Stinks and on President Poopoohead are different, both designs are statement shirts, and more than likely statement shirts of the parent's beliefs more so than the baby (which we, for the most part, do not see as a problem). Really, what baby would ever choose the face of Bill Murray on their shirt? But we know quite a few parent who have.

Either way though, we want to thank for even raising the issue, and pointing their readers toward Sandbox Threads. We're quite certain we have a little something for every one.

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