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Wednesday, July 18

Win Two Sandbox Threads Onesies or Shirts!!

We are happy to give stuff away. Really, we are, and right now over at MomFinds you can enter to win two Sandbox Threads onesies or shirts.

There is a slight downside to these contests though. That downside is that no one orders shirts during the contest because those that enter want to wait and see if they win.

We at Sandbox Threads though have come up with a solution. Go ahead and enter to win the two shirts over at MomFinds , but then come back to Sandbox Threads and go shopping. If you win the MomFinds contest, and you have purchased shirts from Sandbox Threads between July 18-25, then we will refund your money (for two shirts, not your whole purchase, sorry, we're not that generous. Or if you only purchased one shirt, we'll refund that money and then send you another shirt for FREE!).

It's a win, win. At least we think so.

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