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Tuesday, November 20

Sandbox Threads in Pregnancy Magazine

I knew that Sandbox Threads was being featured in Pregnancy Magazine, but it did little to prepare me for actually seeing the page in the magazine. I was grocery shopping for Thanksgiving when I came upon the magazine section and realized that the new issue featuring Sandbox Threads might be out. It was, and I nearly peed my pants.

I thought about trying to play it cool, but no way, I showed the checkout lady, the bag boy, drove to my wife's office to show her, called and emailed just about everyone I know. Maybe the next feature I can play it cool, but right now, I need to go tell my neighbor and post lady.

PS--if you can't tell, the top and middle onesies on the far left are ours. The Pacifist and Republican Elephant.

1 comment:

Posh Mama said...

Congratulations to Sandbox Threads! We are so proud of you!! :) Take care, Posh Mama