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Wednesday, August 6

The Responsibility Project

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the We Can Solve It initiative, and as part of that post, I mentioned the Liberty Mutual Commercials where one person helps out a stranger who in turn helps the next and so on.

After that post, something pretty cool happened. I received an email from Liberty Mutual thanking me for my post, and pointing me to their new project, The Responsibility Project. How they found out that the Dad of Sandbox Threads blogged about their commercial is beyond me, but they did. The project is a pretty neat idea, and I think you might enjoy taking a look.

After you're done over there, be sure to come back and take a look around Sandbox Threads too. We have some pretty neat stuff too.


Auntie Joo said...

Wow - this is revolutionary. If only people would take more responsibility - for themselves, their children, the earth, for those less fortunate... I can't think of any problem worldwide that can't be solved.

Alexia said...

Isn't it crazy when some "big name" finds the little sentence you wrote about them? I have a teeny tiny blog and wrote about an author's book and she commented on my blog - how she found it...I have no clue! But it was cool.

That is a really neat project - especially because I think that responsibility is one thing that isn't taught as often as it should be these days! I think I may share about that project on my blog as well.

Oh, do you have a way to sign up for your blog by e-mail? I'd love to be updated when you post!