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Thursday, August 7

Mamanista's Follow-up Review

One of the many cool things about running Sandbox Threads is forming "cyber-relationships," and although my wife and I actually did meet through Yahoo! Personals, that's not what I mean by "cyber-relationships.

I've met a whole bunch of people (a few thousand) since Sandbox Threads opened, but I've only met (in person) a handful. The folks that I've met have watched as Sandbox Threads and our family has grown. And I have watched as their kids have gone from wearing a 3-6 month onesie to a 2T shirt. These relationships are my favorite part of running SBT.
One of the folks that I've met along the way is Candace over at Mamanista, whose family is also about to expand, and whose daughter Lilah has grown-up very fast. You can see Lilah on one our slideshows sporting our Milk & Cookie, BFF shirt. And you can see her today, as Mamanista does a follow-up of Sandbox Threads, wearing Janis Joplin on our baby rib dress.
Thanks Candace and Mamanista for helping us build more "cyber-relationships"! And be sure to check out the review, you might just receive a discount on your order.


Auntie Joo said...

So cool to see an updated picture of Miss Lilah - what a cutie!!

Candace April said...

I missed this before...I was VERY pregnant so things got crazy!

Junior arrived on August 31 and was 10 lbs, 4oz, 22.5 inches.

I've been catching up on your blog and becoming a Sandbox Threads fan on Facebook. I enjoy having a "cyber relationship" with your family, too!