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Friday, November 9

Help Out a Friend to Sandbox Threads

This postings has absolutely nothing to do with Sandbox Threads, but it is so unique that I had to share. Plus these are all friends to the entire Sandbox Threads' family.

If you know anything about college football, you know that Tennessee Volunteer football fans are more fanatics than causal observers, and this video proves just that. Where else could you pimp a garbage truck into the world's most unique tailgate experience?

If you like it, please VOTE FOR WASTE CONNECTIONS!


Mac Bartine said...

Holy Cow! That's the best tailgating ride I've ever dreamed of seeing!

And the crescendo to the beer pouring...beautiful!

(NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, you may want to know that I made this video, but I fully agree with the Sand Man - it's a ton [actually several tons] of fun!)

Nora said...

I enjoyed reading your blog thanks.