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Monday, April 16

Spaghetti Cowboy & Website Nightmare!!!

First, this may be one of my favorite shirts, Spaghetti Cowboy. I just love it.

Secondly, as I have stated before, I am the dad, the designer, the heat press operator, the packaging department, the mail clerk, and this past weekend webmaster. Sandbox Threads is my baby (not actually baby, that's Ben whom his mother took care of all weekend during my bout with web updating).

I am not a webmaster, but I have a book, and through trial and many, many errors, I designed Sandbox Threads. This past weekend, I decided I wanted to do a "quick" update to improve the look of the site by adding rollover images of our shirts. Great idea there dad!!!

Well the update was not all that difficult, but extremely time consuming. Sunday was nearly 18 hours of the same steps over and over again, but I was done last night and went to bed happy.

This morning, however, I discovered that while Sandbox Threads worked perfectly in Firefox (which if you don't use Firefox, go get it--really. Mozilla Firefox makes Microsoft Internet Explorer look like a 56K modem compared to a T1 LAN Line), nothing worked on Internet Explorer--no links, rollovers, nothing. So, a day that was suppose to be spent marketing and more importantly playing with my son was spent--fixing problems that ONLY relate to Internet Explorer.

Don't want to change to Firefox? Well then, please update to the lastest version of Explorer. Sandbox Threads works perfectly in it also. Or best of all, get a Mac.

1 comment:

Mac Bartine said...

I was once a spaghetti cowboy myself. Slurp-em up, pardner!