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Saturday, April 7


As a kid, one favorite times of the year was getting the Wish Books a few months before Christmas from stores like JCPenney and Sears. I would get a pen, turn to the back, and start circling all the toys I wanted from Santa. I put together an extensive list.

Being a kid of the late 70s and all of the 80s, Star Wars was my toy of choice, and I had just about every Star Wars figure, vehicle, and ship.

You'll never hear me seriously complain about "missing" anything from my childhood, but I did, however, miss out on a couple of BIG toys from the era due to always getting Star Wars stuff.

I never had a Big Wheel, a Snoopy Snow Cone Maker, or this Sandbox Threads design, a Sit n Spin.

My friends had them, and I got to play with them often, but never one of my own. In an effort to help fill that void in a child's life, Sandbox Threads will be offer all three as current and future designs.

Have a toy you'd like to see on a shirt? Leave a comment, and we'll see what we can do.

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