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Sunday, March 4

Why No Pictures? Problem Solved.

Why are there no pictures on "The Tread?" I asked myself the same question when I visited earlier today. And the cool part, today is Sunday. That means a lot to a stay-at-home dad. Why? Because mom is home, and can take care of little man while I work on (or play on) the computer. I not only played a bit on the computer, but I also printed a few shirts. What a nice little afternoon.

Below are a few of the designs offered on Sandbox Threads. The white and royal onesie features Rocker Hands that can be found in the Little Groupie section of the site. The heather and maroon tee features the Animal House inspired Preschool design. You can find this design in the Cheeky Monkey section. And the Alaska design on the sky and navy toddler shirt can be found in the Travel Places section.

These and many more styles & designs can be found on

Opening for reals in 11 Days!!!!

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