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Friday, March 2

The Sandbox THREAD--The What?

If you happen to be one of the handful of people who have actually visited

then you will have seen this before. If not, please visit the site if you get a chance, and feel free to post your comments here to help us improve our site.

So, who are we? And how on earth did we get here?

Well, our story begins with a new job in a new state and a new baby to boot. To top it off, mom is now the bread winner and working full-time, and I get to wear the label of "stay-at-home" dad, a label I have learned to love.

We were fortunate to have been given almost an entire first year wardrobe for our son when he was born. Lots and lots of "cute" baby gear. Over the course of the first few months, I found myself wanting something other than bears and doggies to dress him in. Then our favorite auntie gave Ben a shirt that was more our style (and the style we wanted for him). She complained that she had searched for a hip baby shirt for quite some time, but had little luck finding one. I started searching the internet for similar styles, and while I found a few places, the search left me wanting more.

As most of you probably know, newbies sleep quite a bit, and it gave this "stay-at-home" dad plenty of time to concoct ideas like starting an online business. After several months of learning and researching and developing and designing, here we are.

We hope that we offer the chic moms and hip dads (or aunties or uncles or friends) an alternative choice for little hipsters.

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