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Monday, January 26

NOW OPEN--The Big Kids' Store

For the last two years, I have been asked by countless people to offer adult shirts. My answer has always been, "the kids' shirts are keeping me plenty busy, but I may look into adding adult sizes 'down the road'."

Well, with the pending legislation that very well may prevent me from creating infant and kids' shirts only two weeks away (click the save handmade button right over there -->> to find out more and sign the petition), I decided that "down the road" needs to be mile marker today.

Please take a look at The Big Kids Store, but don't forget about our baby and toddler shirts. We have plenty of little kid stuff in stock, and we're afraid we might have to get rid of it ALL in two weeks.

We think all the bugs are ironed of The Big Kids Store, but if you have any problems, please do let us know.


The Big Kids Store

1 comment:

baileygp said...

I'm SO EXCITED about the big kid's store. Hoping you'll add white and/or grey shirts soon.