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Tuesday, January 13

Build Your Kid T-Shirt

We're getting closer to introducing our latest design idea. Thank you all for your suggestions. We compiled a list of around 50 words (they are being printed as we speak, and we'll add more if this idea takes off. We're also working out the order page details on selecting the words for your child.

The layout of words will obviously be different for each shirt, but the layout will look similar to the two pictures here (the above shirt describes our son, and the shirt below captures our daughter). All the words are slightly different in size, and you will be able to pick up to 5 different words that describe your little one.

We're also considering a name change from Typewriter Philosophy to Build Your Kid T-shirt (you know, like the bear workshop).

That's where we stand, but we're still open for suggestions. Got any?


Anonymous said...

I like it reminds me of the fridge poetry magnets.

Thoughts on adult shirts?? Geared to parents??

Rach said...

Cool! :o)

Anonymous said...

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