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Wednesday, August 13

I Am Not a Scrapbooker...

...but I do like the "scrapbook" look for websites including Sandbox Threads. What I mean by "scrapbook" look is the vintage/retro layers on top of layers with handwritten notes, doodles, pictures, tape, photo tabs, etc. And while in not way does our sites look nearly as good as the constantly changing Free People, we're also not a multimillion dollar business with full-time web designers. It's just me, the Dad of Sandbox Threads balancing the many hats of SBT and being a stay/work at home dad. I think overall, our site looks pretty darn good for someone with zero web design experience prior to opening SBT.

I did find a really cool site today that does the hard scrapbooking work for you though. It's call Scrapblog, and the above picture of Maya (isn't she a cutie?) was done from a template on the site. I just added the picture and changed the text. It's really very easy and they have tons of templates to choose from. Thought you guys might like the site. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Rach said...

She is quite the beauty! Congrats to you and the Mama of SBT. :o)

The scrapbook look is pretty cool, and I think your site looks great. :o)