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Thursday, April 17

Sen. Obama & Sandbox Threads Cross Paths

While you cannot see it in this photo, Ben is sporting his My Mama's for Obama shirt while watching Senator Obama speak.

Doors for the event opened at 4pm, and we arrived shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, the event held 10,000 and we were 10,003. Not literally, but we were about to go through security when the fire marshal said no mas. We then made our way to the overflow area, and low and behold, Senator Obama came out and spoke with us first. While we didn't get to shake hands or get a great picture of Ben with Obama, we did get to see him and hear a short speech those inside did not get to hear. We also got to hear his other speech while Ben ran around with all the other kids outside the event.

We were bummed not to get to "see" both speeches, but overall it worked out better for us as a family.

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Auntie Joo said...

Great posting! And by the way... LOVE the new Rice Krispies shirt.