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Tuesday, April 29

Noggin: Get Ready to Read

Much to the chagrin of my wife, our son gets up in the morning, eats breakfast, then gets out of his high chair, retrieves the remote, points to the TV and says "cars." You see, mornings when Ben does not go to "Mothers (Fathers) Day Out," I let him watch cartoons while I print out orders and mailing labels. Noggin is the station of choice.

This morning I saw a spot featuring the partnership with Noggin and First Book (follow link to learn more, and see, wife o'mine, TV doesn't always Stink. One can find a benefit from time to time).

The subjects of books is very dear to my wife. She is a former 3rd grade teacher turned college professor. As a prof, she teaches future teachers how to teach reading to their future students and believes that early positive experiences with books and reading are key to successful literacy development.

I am drawn to the First Book program for a couple of reasons. One of my friends and I have a continual debate over America and the state of things. He contends that the US provides everyone with the same opportunity to succeed and each person has to make his/her own breaks to succeed.

I contend that while that is true on its face, not everyone comes into this world with the same advantages/benefits/situation and thus not everyone is granted the same chance to succeed. Home life, neighborhood, outside influences, parenting, and thousand of other influences play a much larger role than just pulling yourself up by your boot straps. This is especially true during early childhood development when a child doesn't have much say in life.

I am of the belief that a program like First Book helps by promoting reading early on. For all our problems in this country, I truly believe the easiest way to change the direction of this nation is by education. Not the teach to the test education that is currently mandated, but actual learning, exploring, reading, and more.

Anyway, we think that the Noggin and First Book partnership is really cool. Take a look. We hope you agree, and that you might consider joining Sandbox Threads in donating to First Book.


Auntie Joo said...

Very interesting and insightful.

Rach said...

I'm with you on the early childhood experiences thing.

I taught second grade in an inner-city school for over seven years and can *PROMISE* you, it DOES matter where you live and if you are exposed to books, literature and print prior to school.

What a wonderful opportunity Noggin is putting out there. (My mom flinches when she comes to my house because Lil likes to veg in front of the tv on Saturday mornings... You gotta watch out for those ed school prof-types. ;oP)

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