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Monday, August 2

Back to School Flashback

I loved back to school shopping when I was a kid. I mean LOVED! I remember picking out my new notebook and hoping my mom would spring for a Trapper Keeper. Getting everything I needed to load the notebook up. New pencils. New ruler. New everything. Mind you, getting the notebook ready had nothing to do with "school," but everything to do with maintaining the status quo.

I even loved going to get my new school clothes. Shopping has never been my thing, but during that week in early August, I loved it. My mom loved it, too, which wasn't a problem until around 1986 when I was trying to "assert my independence." I mean, I wanted to ditch her and pick out clothes by myself, but she was paying and I was still her little boy and she wanted a say. This battle, while torturous at the time, makes me smile at how weird teenage boys become toward their moms. Sorry mom.

My point? Moms(and dads): buy the stuff you like now (hopefully a few Sandbox Threads' shirts) and dress your kiddos in them while you can because in a few short years the battle between parent and teenager will ensue.

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