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Sunday, March 8

New (and Improved) Facebook Fan Pages--BOLOGNA!

First a few weeks ago, Faceboook tried to say they "owned" the stuff we wrote on our walls, or posted on Facebook. After some very public coverage and outrage, they backed down.

Now, Facebook is claiming to have a new and improved redesign of fan pages. I'll use a kid friendly word to describe how I feel about it, BOLOGNA! If by new and improved, they mean making every fan page look the same, and blend in with every other page on Facebook, then yes, it is new and improved.

But I run a business, and I want my business to stand out. I worked hard on making the Sandbox Threads' Fan Page different than other pages by adding unique features and ways to learn about Sandbox Threads, but now Facebook has taken that option away. Until I publish the "new" page or once Facebook decides to pull the trigger on all fan pages, you can see the "old" page. After that happen, generic will soon be king.

Why? And for what reason? My bet is that if you look down the right side of the "new" page you'll see advertisements, and what was missing on the old page? Yeah, advertisements. Facebook will never admit ad money being the reason for the changes, but I think most of us can read between the lines here.

Who clicks on those ads anyway? And why would I want my business displaying ads for other businesses. Come on Facebook! Don't make this change.

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