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Friday, February 27

Journey--Pre-Game at the Super Bowl

I wanted to write about this when it happened, but I forgot about it until I heard the song on the radio this morning.

I like Journey. I have their Greatest Hits CD (crazy that saying "CD" dates me), but I'm not a huge fan and I haven't followed them closely enough to know the comings and goings of band members. I knew "Don't Stop Believing" ended the Sopranos. And I knew Steve Perry (the former lead singer) was no longer with the band. At least, I thought so.

During the Super Bowl pregame, I was working on the computer with the TV on in the background. When Journey came on stage, I was surprised to hear Journey sound like the "real" Journey. And I immediately thought Steve Perry was back with the band, so I looked up at the TV to discover a most unusual site, Arnel Pineda.

Filipino native Arnel Pineda looks nothing like Steve Perry, but sounds JUST LIKE him. After several double takes, yelling to Elizabeth to come see, and a quick search, I found out that Arnel was discovered on a YouTube singing covers of, you guessed it, Journey songs. Amazing! We really do live in a shrinking world.

Have a great weekend.

1 comment:

Rach said...

Now that's just crazy! Amazing, but crazy nonetheless.