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Tuesday, June 17

The Long-Ago Promised ORGANIC Shirts & Onesies

For months now, we have continued to say, "coming soon, 100% Organic Cotton Onesies & Shirts." And for months, we were told by our distributor, they will be arriving "next week." Well, next week is finally now, and as long as SBT Baby Two does not decide to arrive within the next few hours, then you will be able to purchase 100% organic shirts and onesies at Sandbox Threads.

And the best part, you won't pay a penny more for the organic cotton. Initially, we'll being offering only the short-sleeve organic onesies and shirts in white and natural. Once we get a little closer to fall, we plan to add the long-sleeve shirts as well.

Thanks for your patience, and more than likely our next post on our little blog will be introducing the newest addition to the Sandbox Threads' family. We're very excited and, I believe, finally ready for our newest addition. Check back soon.


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Tres cool and chic! Congrats.