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Sunday, May 25

Weekend in DC...and Strawberry Crimes

With Sandbox Threads' Baby Two just weeks away, the SBT family took a quick weekend trip to DC. One of our stops was a local farmer's market and Ben, dressed in our newest design, Counting My Blessings on our new grass green shirts, decided to give the "five finger discount" a try.

He seemed to believe "free & fresh strawberries" should be one of his blessings. While the actual strawberry lifting was missed, you can see him scouting out the berries in the above photo, and then, BANG, he's munching away--quick like a fox.

The good news is that no charges were filed, and the SBT family purchased a pint of strawberries (a few berries short). Happy Memorial Day!


Rach said...

There's nothing like fresh strawberries. Ben is one smart cookie. ;o)

Anonymous said...

He knows what a strawberry looks like
and those were very tempting .
Looks good to me.I like the green shirt.